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March 30, 2008



Holy shit Scott, that rules. Don't know what kind of NOS speed equipment you have, I believe Kevin Preciado at Cyclone has some vintage aluminum Cyclone flathead Cad heads for the 346.

28/9 or 30/1 roadster?

See you in Austin, bring pics of the project.


Dont have much to show yet on this future project, all i have right now is the vision in my head, a Caddy flathead motor and the 3 speed LaSalle transmission, along with knowledge how where to get some NOS Edmunds heads and intake. That said, the old timer with the speed parts knows how much they are worth-- and i haven't gotten brave/stupid enough to dig that keep in the pockets yet.

Patrick Gauer

Caddy's signature roadster engine did, at one point, become a cultural icon, if not a favorite, in the world of automobiles. Cadillac may not be the forefront in today's race of brands, but it definitely built a name for itself.

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