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February 26, 2008



sorry I missed the 3rd installment.

"This track is for Burnouts"-- classic.

Ah takes me back once again to Tom Thumb Hobbies in Evanston IL in the days of yore.


Snooze ya lose, Cratedigger! Sorry I didn't give you advanced warning.

Funniest moment: when I was driving the Pikachu car and flipped it hard off the track in turn one, right into Trevor's nardsack.

Second funniest: Carl's spotting at the top of the track, and says "does anyone think it's weird that I'm masturbating right now?"


I didn't know that Slot Car Tracks still existed! God I loved going to our local place back in the late 60's where I could race my own Mako Shark Vette! Alas, I was not of legal working age so my budget was severly limited. I was amazed at the adults that would come in with their tackle boxes full of cars, parts, controllers, etc.

Hey, Thanks for the Memories! I think I'll go see if I can find my "Young Rascals" album and enjoy some tunes.

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