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February 08, 2008


Keith Allum

Wow. What can I say?

Well, speaking as a local (-ish, I live nearer to the City Airport upriver) and someone who has attended many of the Tower of London Workshops - these are of the academic kind, plus tame stuff the evolution of plate armour - I can confirm, hand on heart, this collection of your old man's is way, way more scary and bizarre than anything I *ever* saw 'opp th' Bloody Toower' apart from the gift store prices.

PS What is it with you guys? Talk about 'Children of the Corn'...

moving to london

with a focus on primative farm equipment and toys. Since then he has amassed an impressive collection of unique agricultural objects; unusual hand tools, planter lids and tractor seats, turn-of-the-century advertising signage, antique toy tractors and horses.

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