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February 15, 2008


Wolf Pangloss

I'm surprised you didn't choose Big Electric Cat from Adrian Belew and The Great Curve from the Talking Heads. Those are two of the most excellent examples of Belew's guitar solo magic.

I'm also missing something from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts in this list.

Good mix!


Hey thanks for the props.
I mix em on the fly. It was just me, the crates and quick selections as the LPs spun.

I could easily put a mix together of just Belew related stuff. I dig the Bernie Worrell and Belew interplay on Worlds in Collision.


Hey, cratedigger, well done. These are all from vinyl? I have King Crimson/Beat on vinyl, but I haven't spun it in 20 years and I don't remember it sounding that good. What's your setup? Cheers.


The Dave the.

'DJ' is the best you coulda done from "Lodger" or the rest of the Bowie-Eno Low/Heroes/Lodger trilogy?

Ur such an ok person, but u got problems...

That won't stop me from downloading your comp, mind you, but if you can't sound like an insufferable critic while enthusiastically mooching-a freebie-that-you-know-you-coulda-never-had-the-wherewithal-to-compile-yourself, what's the point?



Yes, these tracks are all grabbed from my vinyl archives. That king Crimson 3 LP series, Beat, Discipline, and Three of Perfect Pair, sound pretty good, albeit with an unhealthy layer of 80s digi drums. I picked Beat up a few years back for $2 in mint condition.

The Bowie track probably comes from the weakest vinyl source as it is from a Dutch greatest hits package- thin vinyl, poor mastering.

And Dave, yes I could have grabbed Richard the Lion, Heroes, etc. but I chose not to, your loss.

My set up is sort of laughable-- Shure white label cartridge, Vestax mixer (used as a pre) and then a bridged early 70s pioneer receiver that I am using as an amp. I mix this live and grab it digitally via garageband. I don't use any eq or other digital trickery.

The Dave the.

Isn't it 'Joe the Lion'... Didn't Adrian Belew do that funny video where he pretends to play the instruments to a song with pieces of rubber hoses?... I think 'Cars' is all synthesizer, something like 5 or 6 of them. I thought that was THE new sound when I first heard it...


You are right, Dave the. It is Joe The Lion. I was listening to Richard and the Young Lions, and it made a divot in my memory.

Don't know much about the genesis of Cars, but it is still a potential ear worm, even at this late date

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