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February 05, 2008


kevin of southbank

But which side of the ball would you keep shined? Reverse swing anyone?


My word, Iowahawk, your crude yank insularity is on flangrant display, sir. On 25 Oct. 1415, England fought an important battle at Agincourt, famed in story and legend forever after. The victorious English bowman, having trounced the frogs with their trusty longbows, signaled this fact by raising their intact bowfingers in a rebuking salute, the famous two finger salute. Tantamount to the American one finger salute. Good God, man, your young lady in the picture is giving a perfect example of this 'up yours' two finger salute!

Let us fervently hope the esteemed Mr. Blair is able to laugh off and forgive this most unintended insult. Let's have a little more cultural sensitivity, por favor? But then again it is I who is missing the joke. Wouldn't be the first time.

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