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January 10, 2008



Jungle Pam makes my Christmas Tree redlight.


The babyboomers, thats what happened. Those self serving assbags that felt theirs was the only privilege worth acknowledging. Those self righteous pricks who pushed their groupthink and pussified agenda on everyone except themselves. They got old, and crotchety like the bastard neighbor that got ratted you out to your parents when you picked off the birds at his birdfeeder one by one from the bushes out back with your BB Gun. The same people who preached "free love" on Haight who now complain about the driftless youth hanging out on those same streets today.
Oh and lets not forget the lawyers, and the feminization of all things male. Evel would have punched you in the kidney for being a "metrosexual". The guy never heard of hair gel, or apricot facial scrub, and sure as shit never used either.
I miss the days when you could actually go outside and play, with real toys like Tonkas made out of metal that didn't break after 30 minutes. Ones you could sit on and ride down that "hill" everyone talked about.
The lawyers, liberals, marketers, and pussies all screwed up this country. They took something that was fun and dangerous and put a fucking warning label on it, and then sued anyone who dared play with it.

M. Simon

Williams games were more fun to play. The Bally games were much faster. Designed for gambling actually. Place your bets quickly.


Not only did I have the Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle, I had Big Jim and his Sports Camper. I also remember eagerly getting each new edition of the Guinness Book. The late McGuire twins were a staple, each year doing something wacky for the record book. Sadly, they aren't very remarkable today. I can see people weighing about as much whenever I go to Walmart. They use the free electric scooter chairs Walmart provides as a "courtesy to our patrons."

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