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January 22, 2008



that is true craziness.
indoor monster trucking has nothing on indoor drag racing.


I've talked to a few guys who participated in this (including Arnie Beswick) and they talked about the shutdown section being the outside parking lot! They'd fly thru the doors at 100 mph and hit the -5F temps outside, in blowing snow. I guess the smooth concrete floor was slicker than shit, too.


Pretty exciting stuff, that. I grew up watching USAC indoor midget racing in Ft Wayne, IN. My dad would take me for my birthday and we saw some of the roadster greats of the 60s, Mel Kenyon, Parnelli Jones and lots of others burning alcohol and castor oil inside the coliseum in the same space as a hockey rink. I loved it. I would have dug the indoor drags too.

Sean O

Seeing those pictures makes me wonder: how the fuck did they not crash into the doors as they were going out of the building? The Amphitheatre wasn't very big to begin with (at least, by today's stadium standards). There is no place today that you could stage that kind of spectacle, even Mc Cormick place is too small. Speaking of Mc Cormick place, instead of carving big xxxs in the runways, Daley should have sold Meigs Field to one of his connected buddies for a buck. Then build a big pavilion down the length of the runway (3900 feet). We get winter/rainy day drag racing, and they could even put up a stage and have concerts there too. Win/win!

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