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January 12, 2008



excellent. I distinctly remember playing Wizard for hours in Morton Grove IL in the 70s. I always dug the art on that one.


Holy crap, that is awesome.


By the way RB -- Ann-Magaret who graces that machine (and is arguably the smokin'-hottest kitten-with-a-whip of all time) is a Wilmette native and New Trier alumna.


i know about AM. I wanted to throw that in, but spaced it...
Kitten With a Whip is her best film. Not to be missed. I think she is Swedish. I hung around the Trier a lot in my younger days...


I still dream about Fireball and Mata Hari. My favorite machine, though, was Nugent.


They added Fireball to my friends' Bagnell Dam arcade when I was about 13. I swear the thing hypnotized me.

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