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January 31, 2008



...we're throught the looking glass here, people... left, and to the back, left, and to the back...


My mommy dropped me on my head once.


the car thieves were also a garage band in the 90s. One of the SF Planet Pimp projects.

Here is their discog:

I thought for sure that they were on the must have "Fuck You Spaceman" 7" comp, but alas, I was wrong.


The band name was also taken by a Norwegian band: Sterk Naken og Biltyvene. It means "Strong Naked and The Car Theives"


Nice set of linked factoids.

Caught one error. Kevin Bacon played a military prosecutor, not Col. Jessup's lawyer, in "A Few Good Men."

kevin of southbank

Very interesting. Much like http://www.slanderyou2.blogspot.com

Slash Landeryou's Throat

Slash Landeryou's Throat

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