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January 13, 2008


Jon Fraud Carry

"Lightning McQueen! My nephews want to be him. They want to be a car when they grow up."
This would be wrong of course. It is not good for the planet and the Earth Mother Gaia for children to want to play with cars. You should encourage them to walk to an organic food cooperative community owned store for their healthy, peanut-free, gluten-free, no-animals-were-hurt-making-this food.
Shame on you.

Jim Treacher



Where is the fuse box located on a 1993 Caprice Wagon?

Jim Treacher

Great question, Thomas. A '93, you say? Um... that's...

I'm not gay!

B Moe

That is a trick question, by 1993 fuses were obsolete, Caprice Wagons were using electric detonators.


Wondercar was 10 times cooler than Speed Buggy!

Plus, that black dude in the picture, actor Jack Baker, went on to become a 70s-80s Boogie Nights-style pornstar.



Treacher's funny, but B Moe... That's got tears forming in my eye squishies!

Jimmy Tide '08

What kind of steering wheel is it best to shove a tranny's head under while you enjoy a warm champaigne glass full of gold?

Jim Treacher

I prefer the '58 Frunkis.

Clint Moore

Your nephews sure have a veeeery futuristic dream. They want to be cars when they grow up. I have this feeling that they're gonna be racers when they grow up. Anyway, after seeing that picture of Wonderbug, I suddenly missed it, and Speed Buggy, too. =(

Erwin Calverley

The yellow one's called a convertible. It's for cool dudes and dudettes of the 60's to 80's. I don't know if teens still hang out the way we do back then. I just don't understand what hipsters are into nowadays. We used to hang out just like that picture of the Wonderbug, but not preferably on that silly thing. Hahaha.

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