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January 15, 2008



that is some cool $h!t maanng. That is a crazy dragster chassis. Should be awesome with an onboard oil burner!

Tincan sailor

Damn it's good to see some Iron like that!!I ran a 34 5 window with
57 olds,but my all time favorite was a 57 Ranchero with a dog of a
292.That was about the time Holman&Moody switched from the 406 to
the 427 for NASCAR and Drags.I picked up a 406 crate motor for under
500.00 changed the throw out bearing and 7 hours later back on the street...115 IN 11.30 on street tires,those were the days....


6's in a dragster on fuel only? I doubt it. How about so much nitrous you could do whip-its until the "Big Go"!!!


Hey Travisg might want to look at Banks website! I have NO doubt in my mind he will do 6's on fuel only!! He knows his stuff..!!

prostock truck racer

just look at the progress the s-10 made in a few short months, theres no doubt that there just scratching the surface of the s-10. i can only imagine what a dragster with the same or better powerplant will do. 6's will change the diesel world for sure and bring lots of big name companies on board for future sponsorship in diesel racing. this is where it's at guys, think outside the box, banks has!

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