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January 13, 2008



With the sound of willow on leather, Tim will hit this cancer for six.


Fuck. I just found out about Tim's cancer diagnosis (this post was entered a spooky few hours before the announcement).

Tim, if you're reading this, I'm confident you will kick its ass.


There's no doubt at all that Tim will kick its ass.

It'll complain louder than the entire Indian cricket team.

Jim Treacher

Tim's going to die of global warming. i.e., a looooong time from now.


Get well, Tim! You've gotta get back out to Bonneville this year. Those Wendover Desert Lobsters won't eat themselves...

Mr. Bingley

Tim WILL kick its ass.


I'd hate to be that tumor about now. When our man Blair rounds on that thing it won't be pretty.

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