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January 22, 2008



"Bob" Elisson? Heh...that's a new one.

Thanks for th' link...I always thought Edgerton's high-speed nuclear weapons photos bridged the gap between science and art.


Sorry 'bout that! Will make the change.

Bob in Houston

No No No I'm Bob, the Cosmic Eye is something I saw on Elisson's Blog, and Steve, when is your butt gonna make it down to Houston again for some more of that oh so thin crust pizza with me Laurence and Gina?


I am scanning my synapses for recollections of pizza in Houston with a "Bob" and a "Laurence" and a "Gina."

Most of my Houston memories involve alcohol along Westheimer, but I seem to recall having " 'gina " there once.

PS - I'm from Chicago. Offers of thin crust pizza are technically considered insults.

Bob in Houston

Heh, Sorry Mr. Hawk, I was talking to Elisson who I figured might have checked back on the post. 'gina on Westeimer? maybe Mangina, and if you are ever in Houston I'm sure I can find a pizza to your liking, thick or thin.


I met the guy who took those pictures once: Harold Edgerton (random link: http://www.xconomy.com/2007/05/26/legends-of-kendall-square-doc-edgerton/ ). He was knocking about the MIT Media Lab at the time. He also is the guy who did the bullet-through-the-card and milk drop photos.

He caught up with us as we were watching a strobe change what we saw as a stream of water into a line of balls of water, and pointed to the smallest lump in the series seen on this post. He said it was the photo he was most proud of taking because it was so short a time after the initial fission.

Mike Beversluis

Check out 100 Suns

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