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January 25, 2008



If you're in Atlanta and in need of a trim I would highly recommend stopping in and seeing Craig or Kerry, they are brothers, at the Terrace Barber Shop just off I-75 in Marietta. A cut is $17 and Craig can fill you all in about meeting and dating Ukrainian women over the internet (hillarious at times, frightening at others)

3000 Windy Hill Rd SE # A6
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 952-0330

B Moe

Damn, any suggestions for the Athens area or the east side of Atlanta? May-retta is a bit of a drive just for a haircut.


Last time I went it was $6 at Tom's barbershop in Tupper lake, NY. The repertoire is limited to high-and-tight, crewcuts, and conservative trims. Executed with a smile and no talking unless you want to talk. Lots of magazines and a lively card game going on in the back room most of the time.


If you're anywhere near Mt. View, CA, you've got to go see Bill the Barber on El Camino Real.


God bless the city of Chicago, home to hundreds of barbers who got off the boat from the Old Country some time in the last fifty years. My main man is firmly ensconced in his shop at Pulaski and Elston every tuesday through saturday. His name is Rosario Speizel and his Sicilian accent is as thick today as it was when he first got here five decades ago. He is a talker. His favorite phrase is, "What the sh*t." He gives you the exact haircut you ask for. So you better know the difference between a tapered neckline and a boxed back. He wields a mean straight razor around the neck and ears. And he concludes each session with the ceremonial phrase, "You want water on your hair?"


If you want a cutey cutting your hair, go to the Chicago Buzz in the Loop. But it's expensive. That's where us financial types go to get a scalp massage during a big day of losing our clients' money.

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