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Legendary Iowahawk guest blogger/housekeeper Rosa Ortiz returns at last and gives us an insider's perspective on the Coakley campaign: When I move to the Massachusetts Senora Coakley is first a very good lady. She no make me do the windows,... [Read More]

» Do No Blame Me ~ Iowahawk Classics Illustrated from Life Its Ownself
Do No Blame Me Special Post-Election Analysis by Rosa Ortiz Former Chief of Housekeeping Staff, Coakley For Senate Campaign I have been in this country for now many years and I have learn many things. Like to put the 20% away for the rainy day. Do no t... [Read More]

» Why Coakley lost and Brown won from THE TEXAS SCRIBBLER
Do No Blame Me: The insiders poop from Rosa Ortiz, former housekeeper for Caroline Kennedy, who is considering becoming a senator. I hear there will be openings this fall. Heh. Yes, very likely. And we can all thank B... [Read More]

» The Election This Week: Odds AndEnds from The Camp Of The Saints [New Main Site]
-Over at American Power, Donald Douglas has posted a great editorial cartoon that captures our Fearless Leaders situation perfectly.  He also offers his analysis on the election.  While I dont agree with it all, as always, The Professor i... [Read More]

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