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The Supreme Caudillo, Brigadier General Barack H. Obama, addressed the troops today prior to waving goodbye as they deployed to Afghanistan. A replay of his earlier speech to West Point cadets it was a sonorous event; there are no reports of anyone bei... [Read More]

» The Afghanistan speech Obama wanted togive from Public Secrets
Iowahawk finds the first draft: I Am Proud to Lead You Men to the Nearest Off-Ramp Brigadier General Barack H. Obama Supreme Allied Commander-in-Chief, Operation Minivan Pool At ease, men. As your battalion commanders and General Axelrod have already b... [Read More]

» Gen. McChrystal, Obama is behind you in Afghanistan 75 percent from Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian
As Iowahawk reports: Anyhoo, after receiving General McChrystals request, I carefully reviewed and focus tested it with some of the top military strategists of DailyKos and HuffingtonPost. As an alternative, they suggested sending a special forc... [Read More]

» I Am Proud To Lead You Men To The Nearest Off-Ramp from Ed Driscoll
Picture cheesy 1970s synthesizers playing the background, rather than XXXs awesome echoplexed trumpets, as Iowahawk brings you the stirring words (and awesome photoshop) of Brigadier General Barack H. Obama, Supreme Allied Commander-in-Chief, Op... [Read More]

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