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» Iowahawk explains how to put the hockey stick on ice from Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian
Iowahawk understands statistical analysis something to do with his day job and all and his column this week is educational, rather than humorous, on the subject of Climategate. He walks his readers through the process of deriving the fa... [Read More]

» AGW Math Primer from Winds of Change.NET
Iowahawk explains it all. [Read More]

» Climategate Ripping Through The Settled Science from The Strata-Sphere
I mentioned in my long article speculating on who may be behind climategate that the puzzle provided the world in the CRU data dump was complex it would get solved once it was torn apart by the virtual mind that is the internet. Two great piece... [Read More]

» Climate Stats = Sausage Making from Midas Oracle .ORG
How to Make Your Own Hockey Stick Required reading for our good friend Caveat Bettor. More info on climategate at Memeorandum ... [Read More]

» If There Is Nothing To Hide, Why Cut Off Debate? from Big Dogs House
The global warming crowd stands by its assertions that the science is settled and that we no longer need to debate the issue. This despite growing concern about the shenanigans that have taken place with manipulated and hidden data. Science should no... [Read More]

» Como hacer tu propia gráfica de cambio climático (ENG) from
En poco más de 30 minutos, y usando solo OpenOffice Calc (o excel), puedes descargarte los datos de temperaturas de las últimas décadas, algunos datos de proxies del último milenio y aplicar las herramientas estadísticas de Mann et al para obtener... [Read More]

» Global Whoops-ing All TooTrue from Finding Ponies...
I dont prattle all that much about Global Warming either way.  In general, settled consensus in science is one of my bigger sources of amusement no matter what the topic.  Even if theres truth to the fact that temperatures a... [Read More]

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