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» Montauk Meditation from Washington Rebel
Jud Crandall Melancholy As the legendary founder of the modern conservative movement Dad knew the perseverance of which he spoke. From the moment he printed the first Topsider in 1946 as an underground anti-Eleanor Roosevelt newsletter at Fauntleroy Co... [Read More]

» My Summer Vacation ~ by Barry Obama from Life Its Ownself
Iowahawk rips the lid off the fall football season and goes dancing with Emanuel. An Ill Wind is Breaking For Our President T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII Editor at Large, the National Topsider The President was there to greet us, looking as e... [Read More]

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Every morning I click through the top blog roll to see whats going on. The past nine months have been less then stellar for many. But the fire is back in the bloggers and nothing says it more surely than this fine post by Iowahawk. Absolutely... [Read More]

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Iowahawks brilliant parody of east coast effete conservative intellectualism returns. This time, a dispatch of the greatest conservative minds (Van Vorhees subing for Chris Buckley, Parker, and The Mighty Davids) set sail for Washi... [Read More]

» Projection Reflection; Election Introspection Detection? from Ed Driscoll
Megan McCardle writes, People dont know whats in various bills, because bills are very complicated, so they just project whatever they think would be neat onto the ones authored by politicians they like People ... [Read More]

» IowaHawk channels Buckley from Rightwing Deathsquad Softball League
Go to this link. Read da' Hawk sounding like every squishycon that you've ever read. Seriously, IowaHawk nails the entire gamut of RINO's in this piece. If you don't have IowaHawk in your feed you need to get it. Iowahawk [Read More]

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