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» Quotes of the Week from Washington Rebel
Mind if I Watch? Liberals are beside themselves with rage. They are recounting how their parents lost their jobs during the McCarthy period, and telling each other that opposition to the president's program is all about racism. You can tell the Democra... [Read More]

» (Satire) Wait, wasnt this above hispaygrade? from Public Secrets
A press release from the Czar of Czars: WASHINGTON (Iowahawk Business PR Wire) U.S. Government CEO Barack Obama announced today that his firm had embarked on a new joint venture with metaphysical industrial giant God, saying that We are ... [Read More]

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At the end of a tough day you just want to sit back, drink some whisky, don a silly hat, slap yourself in the face with a salmon and laugh. To that end we have the Devil making fun of a silly article in the Grauniad (Why do television advertise... [Read More]

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