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Iowahawk hits another one out of the park, this time riffing on the annual MSM/DNC Cabal reunion White House Correspondent's Dinner in Washington D.C. In this version Obama is roasted not by adoring press and celebrities, but by the various... [Read More]

» The Barack Obama Celebrity Roast from Patriotic Dissent
Liz Windsor Thanks for that swell intro, Shecky. By the way, I know how much you love our infidel nuclear technology, but weve got another 1940s invention you should really check out. Its called deodorant. (rimshot) Listen folks, I... [Read More]

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Iowahawk does his own celebrity roast of Barry Sotero. And Wanda Sykes was not invited. He had a slightly more talented and famous guest panel ... Listen folks, I know you came here expecting me to start hurling some tasteless insults at Barack Obama. ... [Read More]

» I guess you had to be there from GRIFENHAGEN DOT COM
This little morsel comes from a blog site a friend referred me to. Its pretty dang funny, in my opinion. Heres an excerpt. You tell me. A word of warning:  there is some, shall I say, off color language. If it offends, dont visit. Otherw... [Read More]

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