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» The New Red Scare: It Could Happen Here! from Ed Driscoll
Iowahawk reports, At this very moment dangerous subversive extremist elements are infiltrating our communities and schools, bent on destroying our American Way of Life. These are the shadowy forces of International Constitutionalism: Hell... [Read More]

» It could happen here (already is?) from Curmudgeons Corner
Iowahawk does it again, folks. Another brilliant piece illustrating the thinking of the left and what this country could move towards. Anyone see a comparison to Nazi Germany? Anyone? Buehler? Follows is an excerpt - follow the link to Iowahawks site f... [Read More]

» Iowahawk does it again from The Underground Conservative
Iowahawks latest is, as always, hilarious and so true. Ill just give you the title-within-the-title: It Could Happen Here! A PRESENTATION OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY JANET NAPOLITANO, DIRECTOR IN CONJUNCTION WITH... [Read More]

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