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» Gradulations! Three and a half minutes in which the Congress was prevented from doing anything even more stupid than this from AMERICAN DIGEST
Democrat Representative Corinne Brown, a credit to her college, district and state, gradulates the Gators. File under: "I try to become more cynical every day but lately I just can't keep up." We note that Ms. Corrine Brown has received a Communication... [Read More]

» Great Moments in the House of Representatives - Corrine Brown Edition from Dan Cleary
Well, there goes 3:39 of House floor time down the drain. On the other hand, do we really want or need to hear what she has to say about the economy? h/t: Iowahawk.... [Read More]

» Flohda mus' be proud from Brain Shavings
Corrine Brown, Demcrat Repuhsentative fo' de Thirr Congreshl Districk uh Flohda: True dat. Gradulations, Corrine. Whenevuh I embarrass' bout mah state dellgayshun mos' ridickuhluss membuh, someone like you come 'long and remind me dat it could be worse... [Read More]

» The Democrat Party at its best. from Curmudgeons Corner
h/t to the irrepressible Iowahawk. Sho nuff! Democrat Representative Corinne Brown, dressin da hows a duh repasentives ta bring da praiz on her omamata footbaw teem. It be da thizzle! Be proud, Florida! And here I thought Patty Murry set... [Read More]

» These people are running the country from Rebuild the US
Rep. Corrine Brown, D-FL With people like this in Congress well, lets just say that things are starting to make more sense.  Read the plaque, then watch the video.  Then for the love of all things holy, please find a sem... [Read More]

» Driving Traffic to Your Fledgeling Blog forDummies from musings from the disloyal opposition...
Step 1: Go to Iowahawk. Step 2: Read the often astonishing, always hilarious, post du jour. Step 3: Clean (spewed coffee / chewed up bagel pieces / snot) off of monitor screen. Step 4: Shamelessly create post linking his brilliance. Step 5: Welcome vi... [Read More]

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