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On Rush Limbaugh?!?!  Thats right, war!  And in doing so, they have made Rush even more powerful.  I have family members that couldnt stand the man in November, but wont miss a show today.   People know that Obama is the failure th... [Read More]

» Republicans need to dump Limbaugh from Jessica's Well
Arch-conservative (is there any other kind?) and Republican leader T. Coddington Van Voohees VII weighs in on how to right the conservative ship. (Imagine being Christopher Buckley, Humor Writer, and knowing that some guy named Burge throws off more hu... [Read More]

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In a league of his own. ... [Read More]

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Magnus S. Alsheimer Commander of the Superhuman Front Initiative "Do you want to hang out with us at the bar tonight?" That's what a collective of bourgeoise losers asked me today in science class. I thought they were joking. Me, Magnus S. Alsheimer, the [Read More]

» Irrelevant buffoonery in four easy steps from Brain Shavings
David Frum demonstrates: Smear Rush Limbaugh Get called out on the air by Mark Levin Call in to complain Receive beatdown Bravo, David. Not even T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII could outdo you.... [Read More]

» News From 2007 from Ed Driscoll
In the Financial Times, Clive Crook explains, Why Obama’s left leaning is no tactical feint. Gosh, who knewother than at least 2/3rds of the voters? (There were 47 percent or so who voted for McCain/Palin, and then there had to b... [Read More]

» Why Superhuman Philosophers Do Not Live In Cities from Remaking Modern Society
Magnus S. Alsheimer Commander of the Superhuman Front Initiative My Fellow Front Brothers, if I asked you what city life is like, what would you tell me? That modern cities are crowded with decadent bourgeois and filthy peasants, who spend their time sla [Read More]

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