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» Aargh! And I mean that sincerely. from Pursuing Holiness
I wish I could make a noise like Chewbacca. It just sounds so satisfying, in the barbaric yawp sort of way. I cant make the noise, though, nor the Tim Allen grunt. A guy who worked for my web dev company before Katrina now works for on... [Read More]

» Waiting On The World To Change from Mazurland Blog
Mazurland frequently links to the usually hysterically funny work of "Iowahawk" Dave Burge. But when I visited Burge's site yesterday, there was a serious post and I was saddened. Dave reports the death of his sponsored African child, Bakouma Kpatekato... [Read More]

» Environmentalism 101: Save the Planet. Kill the People from Vocal Minority
“There’s a paradigm shift going on.” So said a friend of mine who is very concerned about the affects of fossil-fuel CO2 and other ways humans harm the planet. The paradigm shift he was referring to was a change in the global “mindset,” if you will. A ... [Read More]

» American Cicero from Moralia
I dont know for whom to feel sorrier: Bobby Jindal or me. Governor Jindal is considered one of the rising stars of the Republican Party, and all us evil rethugs had high hopes for his response to President Obamas address before Congress... [Read More]

» Nothing Saves the Planet Better Than Killing a Few Million People from The Blog of Record
Preferably children, before their global-warming footprint goes out of hand. Children like Bakouma Kpatekatola from Togo, who was only 14 when he died of malaria last year: Bakouma was one of approximately one million people who died of malaria last y... [Read More]

» The Pathogen Theory of Progressivism from Remaking Modern Society
In the "not as wacky as it sounds" department, I propose that the primary driving force of the the successes of progressive liberal ideology over the past 100+ years is not philosophy or politics, but an unknown pathogen picked up by Europeans from the na [Read More]

» Spreading lies from Brutally Honest
Because it so fits that hip meme: I think I've figure this out: AIDS = The poor. Therefore, who cares? Malaria = The poor. Therefore, who cares? Swine Flu = Could be us. Better get on this one! One gets... [Read More]

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