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» Iowahawk: Mark Your Time, Hu-mans! from Dan Cleary
Here's another priceless gem from Iowahawk, this time by way of a guest commentary by Waxulon-6, Lord High Admiral of the Kremulakian Earth Invaders - a.k.a. The Being Formerly Known as Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA). "How easily they were frightened... [Read More]

» Henry Waxman from The Irascible Chef
Okay the other day I see this picture on Drudge and I say to myself how did this person ever get elected let alone get permission to walk out of the house without a mask? I mean he should need a license to walk around, I mean doesnt he give kids... [Read More]

» Mark Your Time Hu-Mans from Ninjamurai
Funny satirical guest commentary by the being formally known as Henry Waxman, now Lord High Admirial Waxulon-6 from Iowahawk! Very good for a laugh and very good for the soul. An excerpt:   Lord High Admiral Waxulon-6 Attention Hu-Mans:  Mark you... [Read More]

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