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» Iowahawk: Lemon from Dan Cleary
Iowahawk checks in once again with another great post - this time, he's touting the vehicle we'll all soon be clamoring for: The All-New 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/Rt Sport Edition. It's in the way you dress. The way you boogie... [Read More]

» Best Mode of Transportation Since the Trabant from D.C. Thornton
Presenting the new green cars of the future, thanks to Detroit know-how and just a touch of federal assistance. ... [Read More]

» Pelosi-Reid / Management Consultants from Working Conservative
Apparently in order to cover for the lack of Democratic votes in favor of bailing out the UAW, Nancy Pelosi requested a plan from the Big 3 before Congress gives them money for failing.  In Pelosis words, Until they show us the plan, we... [Read More]

» *ADVERTISEMENT* Need a new car? *ADVERTISEMENT* from Babalu Blog
The New Pelosi GTxi SS/Rt Sport Edition eats AMC Gremlins for breakfast.... [Read More]

» At Least Somebody Has A Sense Of Humor In Blogtardistan from Left Of Center
The funniest thing I have seen in days that didnt involve Sarah Palin. ... [Read More]

» I Got Your Future Right Here, Pal! from Ed
While those toffee noses at the Daily Mail are busy bitching about when their futuristic cars will arrive, Iowahawk delivers. But does the Congressional Motors Pelosi GTxi SS/Rt Sport Edition come in Ackerman blue?... [Read More]

» Iowahawk strikesagain from Conservative in the City
The best satirical writer in the moronosphere, Iowahawk, puts up a great review for the new car rolling off the Congressional Motors assembly line in 2012. Im not even going to bother quoting it here, just go there and give him the traffic (all ... [Read More]

» The new, 2012 Pelosi! from Clark County Politics
Shamelessly reproduced here from Iowahawk via Victoria Taft. Absolutely hilarious! [Read More]

» He Shoots, He Scores! from The Discerning Texan
Iowahawk on the Auto bailout. Pure gold. [Read More]

» Car of the Future from George Savage
Hat tip to Iowahawk and KSFOs Tom Benner for this inspired and prescient parody from last fall. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "", url: "" }); swfobject.embedSWF(" [Read More]

» We dont need no steenkingbailout! from Public Secrets
Unlike GM and Chrysler, Ford refused the crack turned down the federal bailout money. Unlike GM and Chrysler, Ford managed to adapt and stay out of bankruptcy court and didnt need President Obama to rip off bondholders. And, unlike GM and Chrysl... [Read More]

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