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» Balls and urns from Babalu Blog
From the great Iowahawk comes one of the most uplifting statistics problems I have ever read. (And I loathed, detested and hated my stat classes.) Do yourselves a favor and read it. Tell me you don't feel better about next... [Read More]

» Polling Margin of Error = ??? from Dan Cleary
Iowahawk does a great job spicing up the ol' Balls and Urns statistics lesson. It's well worth the read, particularly if you are looking for signs of hope for McCain.... [Read More]

» One Ball, Two Balls, Red Balls, Blue Balls from Kick the Anthill
Iowahawk has, in the past few months or so, rocketed to become one of my absolute favorite sites to read on a fairly regularif not dailybasis. Today, theyve got an outstanding article on statistics and polling using a Stats 101 mid... [Read More]

» The Post Wherein I Explain Myself from Dr. Melissa Clouthier
More than one friend, both blogger and non-political observers, have warned me that my credibility will be dirt should I hold to the delusion that McCain can pull this election out. My response has been to say, Shut up and vote. Its over ... [Read More]

» A Statistics Lesson from pw
From Iowahawk. ... [Read More]

» Math Class With Professor Iowahawk from Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
Yeah, Its an Iowahawk post, so you know its going to be funnier than a three-legged dog tryin to piss on a tree. But, as youll see in this post, Professor Iowahawk takes the subject of statistics and shows you just how fun i... [Read More]

» Fondling My Balls from Mazurland Blog
Well, here I am in my hotel room in remotest northern Idaho. If you're wondering what I'm doing, don't get any weird ideas from the subject line. I'm catching up on my email and blog reading. If you're wondering what... [Read More]

» Tweaking Blue Balls from THOUGHTS ALOUD
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