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» Extortion in the Public Square from Little Miss Attila
Iowahawk's hipster "guest columnists," wearing their "Sarah Palin Is a Cunt" T-shirts, lay it on the line: Think about it. With Barack Obama in office, assholes like us will fade into a distant unpleasant memory. Don't get us wrong, we'll... [Read More]

» A Vote For Obama is a Vote For Civility from
A Vote For Obama is a Vote For Civility [Read More]

» Politics, Humor, News, and Links #20 from Political Humor by Radioactive Liberty
I havent done a links post in way too long. So, here goes. Our own Les James of Sideshow Mirrors has an interview with a demon at his humor and satire blog. Something seems vaguely familiar about that demon too. Iowahawk explains why A Vote For ... [Read More]

» Remember: It's About the Civility. And I, Too, Am Joe. from Little Miss Attila
As Dave Burge points out, a vote for Obama is a vote for civility. Go brownshirts! But, you protestyou wanted fresh Iowahawk? Here you go! The sweet, and the sour . . . "I Am Joe" I AM JOE .... [Read More]

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