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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference When America's Communities Need Organizing, America's Community Organizers Will Be There to Organize Them:

» Tom Wolfe on Community Organizers in the 1970s from AMERICAN DIGEST
"Everybody but the most hopeless lames knew that the only job you wanted out of the poverty program was a job in the program itself. Get on the payroll, that was the idea. Never mind getting some job counseling. You be the job counselor. You be the "ne... [Read More]

» Pumas to Obam: "Hey, Precious! Fight Your Own Damn Battles" from Ace of Spades HQ
"Psst-- Obama is a weakling. Pass it on." I've been debating with myself and cobloggers about getting after Obama for his decidedly unmanly whiiiiiiiiining over. Every. God. Damn. Thing. The PUMAs beat me to it. Butch up, Nancy. This isn't... [Read More]

» A Word From Presidential Candidate from Little Miss Attila
. . . Dave Buerge: "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities." Ooo-oooh, Caribou Barbie makes a funny, hardee-har-har. Well yuk it up now, little miss former junior college... [Read More]

» Friday Links from Stop The ACLU
Flopping Aces: Trooper’gate: Different charges, new battlefield, and the planned October surprise Bookworm Room: The Hunt for Sarah in Alaska Beldar Blog: Palin seeks truth from state agency with jurisdiction, refuses to cooperate with political hatche... [Read More]

» Community Organizers React from UNCoRRELATED
One of these community organizers isn't a parody.... [Read More]

» Overqualified from Cobb
I can't help but riff on Iowahawk. Suddenly, in the absurd, gallows humor. [Read More]

» I Am America's Community Organizer Community from Ed
Third party candidate Dave Burge is rapidly closing that 50-point gap between himself and the two front-runners in the 2008 presidential election. And he's not at all happy with the election's newest sensation and her hateful rhetoric and subliminal cl... [Read More]

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