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IowaHawk has way too much time on his hands Hes gone and given legitimacy to the illegitimate DIVERSITY DAY Everyone is invited to Qaedants first annual Diversity Celebration Fair Wednesday morning at Cave 11-B. Find out how... [Read More]

» AQ Is Downsizing . . . um, "Right-Sizing." I Mean, "Adapting to the Market." from Little Miss Attila
Basically, if Iowahawk didn't exist, we'd have to make him up. But he does exist; thank God. You know how I'm voting, right? "Burge-Goldstein,2008: Hard Men for Hard Times." Jeff and Dave? Sticking it to the middle east and central... [Read More]

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OTB: Obama Plunges in Newsweek Poll! The Moderate Voice: Contradictory Polls: Obama Falling, Obama Rising The Other McCain: A Democratic Landslide? Hot Air: A Commander in Chief That Fears the Military? Iowahawk: The Q is for Quality Freedom Folks: Hel... [Read More]

» The "Q" is for "Quality" from The New Editor
Nobody is better than Iowahawk: Hello, valued Al Qaeda associate! Welcome to the inaugural issue of Vistas, the new electronic newsletter designed to keep you informed on all the fast-paced comings and goings within our Total Quality Jihad family. [Read More]

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