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» So I Get To Keep My Gun from baldilocks
Barely.Answering a 217-year old constitutional question, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to have a gun, at least in one’s home. The Court, splitting 5-4, struck down a District of Columbia ban [Read More]

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This Just In: Washington DC - In a sweeping 4 1/2 to 3.14159 decision with 1.35841 abstaining, the United States Supreme Court handed down a ruling this morning in the landmark Abdul the Party Clown v. U.S case, recognizing the... [Read More]

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Court Okays Gun Rights for Detainees, Child Rapists Read about it at Iowahawk. And while you're there, find out how Iowa is doing 'neath the floodwaters. [Read More]

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