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» Heh, Indeed from Ed
"It's IowaHawk's world; Hillary is just living in it":From the earliest days of the campaign, the race for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination has been a hard fought, neck-and-neck struggle. But now, as the race enters its final stretch, it... [Read More]

» One unintentional conspiracy insinuation deserves another! from Classical Values
Barack Obama can be such a wimp. I mean, he had a perfect opportunity earlier when Hillary made what this unintentional assassination insinuation:"We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California." That just cried out for another bu... [Read More]

» Iowahawk Rawks from Wizblog
It's Time to Call it Quits... [Read More]

» Hillary refers to RFK's assassination and . . . from Newmark's Door
Iowahawk has--exclusively--what Hillary will soon tell Obama:First, let me congratulate Senator Obama and his staff for running a tough campaign. He has been a worthy sparring partner, and one I would have once been happy to consider for my vice [Read More]

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