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» iowahawk: A Public Service Message from Trusted.MD Network
iowahawk: A Public Service Message A Public Service MessageI have to say I was heartened by the response to my investigative piece on the national crisis in journalist violence. As you know, whenever a public crisis is identified, the first steps in a sol [Read More]

» Are you an MVP? from
Iowahawk is. [Read More]

» A Worthy Cause from Transterrestrial Musings
Order your posters, and support the Violence Project. They need our help. It's time to get them the treatment... [Read More]

» The Media Violence Project from Ace of Spades HQ
Thanks to Iowahawk, we all now know about the horrifying number of crimes committed on a near daily basis by members of the media. Not satisfied with simply sounding the alarm, Iowahawk has taken the next logical step in dealing... [Read More]

» The Media Violence Project from Wizbang
Who knew there was yet another nefarious threat to public safety? That, lurking behind the newspapers, magazines, and glitzy television news shows were violent perpetrators, just waiting to commit mayhem... [Read More]

» Addressing the Scourge of MSM Violence from Little Miss Attila
Iowahawk has the goods: (1) a non-profit foundation, and (2) posters! Mainstream reporters: Help us help you. Please.... [Read More]

» the Media Violence Project from MilBlogs
Get them help before it's too late.... [Read More]

» Show you care about our homeless... from CDR Salamander
Yes, join IowaHawk in our concern for those who have given so much in public service. [Read More]

» Protecting ournation from Bookworm Room
Having diagnosed the problem a wave of violent crime committed by out-of-control journalists Iowahawk has started working towards a solution with the first weapon available: Posters! ... [Read More]

» 2008.01.22 Politics and National Defense Roundup from Bill's Bites
This post will grow as the day goes on. Don't forget to check back later. Today's worthy links: A Relatively Scientific Experiment The Media Violence Project Misfire at Justice Fred Barnes: Now McCain Must Convince The Right Robert Tracinski: Why McCai... [Read More]

» Turnabout from Beneath the Peak
Last week, the New York Times ran a piece about the number of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who commit murder in the United States. The story attracted substantial criticism, particularly from the right wing of the blogosphere, with the ... [Read More]

» Excellent! from it comes in pints?
Our local RWDB Radio is currently talking about Iowahawk and the Media Violence Project. RDWB person Mel has even responded to Future President Burge. He responded back and now there will apparently be violence done. Should have seen that one... [Read More]

» The Media Violence Project from Ed
A public service message campaign whose time (and Newsweek!) has come.... [Read More]

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