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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Misty Watercolor Memories, of the Fog of War:

» IowaHawk: Foer's Rough Draft from Confederate Yankee
Did we have a Jayson Blair on our hands--or, closer to home, another Stephen Glass, the fabulist who did so much to tarnish this magazine's reputation ten years ago? Or perhaps another Ruth Shalit, whose plagiarism at this magazine... [Read More]

» "Misty Watercolor Memories, Of The Fog of War" from Ed
Iowahawk goes dumpster diving yet again, this time stumbling over the first draft of Franklin Foer's "epic blamestorm", buried within a dumpster "behind Marty Peretz's townhouse!"By now, the identity of Scott Thomas is publicly known. He is Scott Thoma... [Read More]

» from Side-Lines
The New Republic Fiasco. Iowahawk has the details in Misty Watercolor Memories, of the Fog of War Anyhoo, "Shock Troops" bore the byline Scott Thomas, which we identified as a pseudonym for a soldier then serving in Iraq. Thomas described... [Read More]

» Misty Watercolor Memories, of the Fog of War from The New Editor
As only he can -- Iowahawk on The New Republic's Beauchamp saga. [Read More]

» Yeah, It's About Like That from MilBlogs
Iowahawk discovers the first draft of Franklin Foer's New Republic explanation as to why they published stupid stuff. Bad words are used.... [Read More]

» Shattered . . . Foer from Little Miss Attila
Iowahawk pwns The New Republic. Facing the difficulties of verifying the piece, but wanting to ensure its plausibility before publication, we sent the piece to a correspondent for a major newspaper who had spent many tours embedded in Iraq. Had... [Read More]

» The New Republic closes the book onBeauchamp from The Foxhole
Franklin Foer, the publisher who stuck with the faux Baghdad diarist Army PVT Scott Beauchamp, even after numerous rebuttals from military and former military personnel detailed the flaws in his wild assed stories, finally surfaced long enough to ̶... [Read More]

» Foer's Lost "Apology" for Scott Beauchamp from The Jawa Report
Iowahawk finds the first draft of Franklin Foer's apology over the Scott Beauchamp affair:By now, the identity of Scott Thomas is publicly known. He is Scott Thomas Beauchamp, age 24. He first came to our attention nearly a year ago... [Read More]

» Whats more snort-worthy than Franklin Foers Beauchamp bloviation? from Blog-o-Fascists Iowahawks parody first draft of Foers Beauchamp bloviation. [] [Read More]

» Iowahawk on the Fog of Foer from Ace of Spades HQ
Very long, which is part of the parody, but you probably all trust Iowahawk to bring the funny.... [Read More]

» Iowahawk: Foer's First Draft from discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus
Iowahawk: Foer's First Draft [Read More]

» Too Good Not To Link from Dean's World
You've probably already seen Iowahawk's piece on the TNR retraction, but here a link just in case you somehow missed it, and also just because, well, it needs to be ... [Read More]

» Friday Morning Links from Maggie's Farm
When will the global warming arrive? It's cold as hell up here. When is warming supposed to begin? Do I have to wait 20 years? I can't wait.Search elsewhere. 72 virgins at Wellesley? Lucky just to find 72 cute gals at Wellesley these days.Streisand sup... [Read More]

» Iowahawk is freakin' brilliant from This Goes to 11
I don't know how his Presidential bid is going, but read this hilarious spoof of Franklin Foer's mea culpa on the Scott Thomas Beauchamp fiasco: [Read More]

» Fact-checking?!?! We Dont Need No Steenkink Fact-checking! from Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
Grab a cooler full of adult beverages and head on over to Iowahawks place for one of the longest and, more importantly, funniest rectum shreddings of TNR and their Fuckheaded Fabulist™, Scott Beauchamp, you will ever read. Heres an exce... [Read More]

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