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» Same old same old from Cold Fury
Romney/Old GOP shill Hugh Hewitt tells Allahpundit and quite a few of the rest of us to sit down and shut up. Wish in one hand, shit in the other Update! Why goodness me, but I do believe dear old Mr Burge might just be rubbing H... [Read More]

» Hugh Hewitt Guest-Posts On Iowahawk On Romney's Speech from Ace of Spades HQ
Well, not really, but it's, um, a reasonable facsimile. I won't Say Anything about this. Thanks to CJ.... [Read More]

» In My Objective Opinion from The New Editor
Iowahawk is on fire... [Read More]

» Mitt, the Speech, and Hugh Hewitt from Three Sources
From that title, either a brilliant segue or long-winded rant follows. I type. You decide. I love political speechifying and carry fond memories of listening to President Reagan's "New Federalism" speech, Barack Obama's coming-out party at the 2004 Dem... [Read More]

» Give it a rest already, Hugh from JunkYardBlog
Dude. We heard you. There are a few outliers in the world of conservative influencers who were not with this group of enthusiasts, but now that the reactions are in and counted, there is simply no basis for considering the... [Read More]

» Things I Forgot to Link to Yesterday from Stop The ACLU
Rightwing News: An Interview With Fred Thompsons Campaign Manager, Bill Lacy Hugh Hewitt guestposts about Romneys speech at Iowahawkhehe. ... [Read More]

» I really like HH, but Iowahawk has his number. from discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus
I really like HH, but Iowahawk has his number. [Read More]

» Huck, We Hardly Knew Ye from Ed
In addition to what Robert Bidinotto wrote the other day, here's yet another reason why the Huckabee Boomlet may very well go bust. Does this present an opening big enough for the Straight Talk Express to drive right through? Or... [Read More]

» And once more, for good measure from Exurban League
First, it was Iowahawk. Now it's Ace. While they're funny, it's increasingly difficult to tell the satire from reality... ... [Read More]

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