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» Lowrider Magazine #1 from 1977 -- complete scan from Boing Boing
Iowahawk says: "Digging through my magazine stash yesterday, I found a pop-cultural artifact that might be of interest - the very first issue of Lowrider Magazine from January 1977." I've written before about my admiration for lowriders and lowrider c... [Read More]

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IOWAHAWK LOOKS AT Lowriders of 1977.... [Read More]

» Low Rider Is The One To Meet from the intertubes
Lowrider Magazine #1 from 1977 As luck has it, in my magazine stash I have a copy of that very first issue: Lowrider Magazine #1, January 1977. Return with us now to those thrilling Cheech Chong days of yesteryear, and enjoy a few hits. A thirt... [Read More]

» Back in the Day: Lowrider Magazine #1 from Autoblog
I don't pretend to know a lot about lowriders or the car culture unique to them, but I appreciate a nicely-done car as much as anyone else, and I'm also a sucker for nostalgia. Both are on display at Iowahawk right now, where one click lets you turn ba... [Read More]

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