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» "Iowahawk In '08--We Could Do Worse, And Probably Will" from Transterrestrial Musings
It's a little long, but that's my bumper sticker slogan. I think it's refreshing to have a candidate so open... [Read More]

» David "Iowahawk" Burge, next US President? Hey, m from The Cutting Edge
It's on, folks, the Midwest's best Carbon-Generating Fuel-Consuming Blog Writer in fine print today, has thrown his wit into the Presidential Race! "Fear Not, America, For I Have Deigned To Lead You" [Read More]

» The Juggernaut Rolls On! from Pajamas Media
"Go ahead and admit it, America: when I first announced my candidacy for President of the United States, you laughed. You giggled at the audacity. You chuckled at my crazy, quixotic dream. You tittered at my hallucinatory bat-swattings. Well guess... [Read More]

» Iowahawk for President! from Strait Talk
I hereby swear my loyalty to the Burge administration. Only through the precise application of quid pro quo, unfettered pork and rampant nepotism can we take this country back. Incidentally, Im thinking I would be a great ambassador to somewhere... [Read More]

» from (v.2)
WELL, THAT APPROACH HAS WORKED WITH DICK CHENEY: "As my Vice President, Jeff will preside over the US Senate, lead policy initiatives, and act as my personal anti-assassination insurance policy."... [Read More]

» Iowahawk in '08 from The Autopsy: Iowahawk in '08
Looks like his campaign is picking up steam. If he does get elected, well, I'll just have to push my bid for President until 2016. Then I can trounce Jeff Goldstein in the primary and roll into the Presidency to construct the National Monument to the... [Read More]

» IowaHawk: The Juggernaut ROLLS! from Stubborn Facts
I am tremendously disappointed that, despite my naked pandering and weak, half-hearted endorsement, IowaHawk has passed me over in the first round of patronage rewards for his upcoming administation. True, I'm too poor to send money, and wield no na... [Read More]

» Duty Calls from Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud
[What follows is a transcript of the press conference held today on the West Lawn of the Java Zen campus. (Note: that would be the West Lawn just East of the Main Pavilion and not the West Lawn just South of and kitty-corner from the North Gazebo. For ... [Read More]

» The Iowahawk Juggernaut Rolls On from The New Editor
More news from the Iowahawk presidential campaign. [Read More]

» With Goldstein on the Ticket, from Little Miss Attila
I'll be waiting at the polls when they open. It's just too good to be true. Re-elect Iowahawk 2012!... [Read More]

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