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» Advantages of Islamic Britain from The Jawa Report
Sharia Law will bring benifits the British Nanny state will just love, for instance, take EducationVia Iowa Hawk: Presently, Muslim students sometimes perform less well than non-Muslim students, but only if you limit performance measurement to racism-t... [Read More]

» Is London's Future Islamic? from JunkYardBlog
So asks Mchael Hodges in a publication I've never heard of, Timeout London, as he makes the case for a Caliphate England. Here's how it starts: The official executioner placed a stepladder against the plinth. The lorry pulled up and... [Read More]

» Iowahawk: London Swings Like a Scimitar Do from Blog-o-Fascists
Little Green Footballs Iowahawk (or his British doppelganger) just happened to be in London (what are the odds?) today, and since he knows where all the good trashbins are (its that journalistic instinct) he discovered the first ... [Read More]

» Future So (not) Bright from BlogWatch
Dhimmi Watch finds a London Paper considering the upside of their future, as an Islamic state. Head.Sand. Hat. Also noted by the Iowahawk.... [Read More]

» London's Swinging Again - Like a Scimitar! from Pajamas Media
We don't know how he does these things, but Iowahawk found the first draft of Time Out London's "suck-up to their new religious overlords" in a trashbin in Trafalgar Square.... [Read More]

» Islam, Accept it or Not? The UK is Changing... from The Shield of Achilles
Iowahawk has a wonderful parody of Mr. Hodges' article: Also forbidden in Islam: pre-marital sex, adultery, and homosexuality. This will obviously help reduce London's appallingly high rates of sexually transmitted disease. And during public execut... [Read More]

» Banana Republicans - Grand Old Party v Grand Alliance for Grand Bargain from UNCoRRELATED
Senator Mel Martinez joined 6 other GOP senators to vote for cloture of the Immigration Bill. The GOP base loathes the bill and 38 of 45 GOP senators voted against. How then can Martinez remain GOP Chairman? Now is a... [Read More]

» We Welcome Our New Islamic Overlords from Free Will
We Welcome Our New Islamic OverlordsIncredibly, a piece from Michael Hodges in Time Out London describing Londons Islamic future is apparently not a joke.The official executioner placed a stepladder against the plinth. The lorry pulled up and the... [Read More]

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