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» Give 'Til It Hurts from Ed
It's amazing the documents that the mighty IowaHawk's well-placed sources track down--this one is the latest GOP telemarketing fundraiser script, attuned to the reality that the base is some uncomfortable with its current anything-goes immigration stan... [Read More]

» Give Til it Hurts from University Update
[Read More]

» 2007.06.01 "No Illegal Left Behind" Roundup from Bill's Bites
See previous: 2007.05.31 No Illegal Left Behind Roundup; -- Sleep well, America. Your government is awake. This post is backdated. Scroll down for newer content. Original timestamp 2007.06.01.01:11. Below the fold: Too Bad; President Bush has torn the ... [Read More]

» Iowahawk: Give 'Til It Hurts from Blog-o-Fascists
Little Green Footballs Its the first draft of the new Republican Campaign Fund contribution form, retrieved from a dumpster in a secure undisclosed location by the indomitable Iowahawk: [Read More]

» Color Me Mollified from Mean Mr. Mustard 2.0
Iowahawk: I understand that many in the Republican base are concerned with immigration. If you are concerned about border security, rest assured that the Administration's new comprehensive immigration bill provides over $225,000 to construct nearly 1,5... [Read More]

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