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JAMES LILEKS COVERS LOCAL POLITICS FOR THE STAR TRIBUNE: Er, the IowaHawkland Star Tribune, anyway.... [Read More]

» Star Tribune Community News from The New Editor
Iowahawk does it again. [Read More]

» Well, It Would Be Better Than What They Have Now from Jay
Iowahawk decides that if the Star-Tribune is going to waste talent on beat reporting, why not go all the way? The thought of Hunter S. Thompson covering a Little League T-Ball game is funny enough and the results are even more hilarious. A samp... [Read More]

» Drove The Defiant To The Levy, But The Levy Was Dry from Ed
James Lileks' first local beat story for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is now online.... [Read More]

» Star Tribune Community News from Architecture Update
[Read More]

» Iowahawk Takes On The Strib from JunkYardBlog
If you're a regular reader of this site or of Lileks, you'll understand why this is funny--and a good laugh even by Iowahawk's high standards. The parody of Lileks' style is sharp, but done with a wink. If none of... [Read More]

» Iowahawk: Lileks Files First Story as Beat Reporter from discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus
Iowahawk: Lileks Files First Story as Beat Reporter [Read More]

» Iowahawk Scoop . . . And An Old Favorite From the Pre-Colossus Days from The Colossus
Gets a preview of James Lileks's first "hard news" stories for the Strib. Classic. And I'll reprise a piece from my pre-Colossus blog -- a piece that was well received at the time. A little known, but excellent, blogger named Flatlander ran a brief cam... [Read More]

» Star Tribune Community News: from Pajamas Media
IowaHawk "has" James Lileks' first article on local politics (background here).... [Read More]

» it's one of those times... from moxie
I wish I had the talent to write this. Luckily Iowahawk is representing! St. Paul Council Mulls Supplemental Sewer Levy James Lileks Star Tribune Metro News “Sewers are icky.” “Why’s that?” I whispered, looking up from my PowerBook. “Because they’re... [Read More]

» T-ball is fixed from Banzai Aphrodite
The amazing Iowahawk takes on the Lileks issue, foreshadowing his forthcoming Strib position in boring, regular news. Follows it up with other authors on the paper. Sylvia Plath's weather report is my personal favorite. Brilliant. Iowahawk reminds me w... [Read More]

» Iowahawk's Bleat from JammieWearingFool
After the ridiculous news about James Lileks last week, you had to figure this was coming. Sure enough, Iowahawk delivers. [Read More]

» Springtime In New York from Ed
Spring is normally a lovely time to be in Manhattan, but It couldn't have been much fun inside the Grey Lady's offices last month--reader Dart Montgomery writes in with a link to an AP report that notes, "New York Times... [Read More]

» Today's Local News from Maggie's Farm
In several writers' voices. Perfect Iowahawk. [Read More]

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