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» Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? from Architecture Update
[Read More]

» My Favorite Mistake from Ed
Making the rounds today in the Blogosphere is this editorial on "The Disarming of America" by one Dan Simpson, whom the Toledo Blade describes as "a retired diplomat, [and] a member of the editorial boards of The Blade and Pittsburgh... [Read More]

» Funny: Iowahawk on Gun Control Screed from Robert B. Steely, MSgt, USAF
If you haevn't seen the latest anti-gun loonacy I posted it here yesterday. You have to read it first to get the parody.Follow the links posted below from Hot Air: (great point about tthe war on drugs too) Howdy, folks. See-Dubya here filling in [Read More]

» Is That a Gun in Your Pocket from The Amboy Times
Iowahawk does it again, this time the victim is Dan Simpson. Here's what Simpson wrote;The disarmament process would begin after the initial three-month amnesty. Special squads of police would be formed and trained to carry out the work. Then, on [Read More]

» This is How They Take Your Guns from Find The Boots
If you're wondering what the liberal mindset is on how to strip guns from the populace, just have a quick read of Dan Simpson's article "The disarming of America" and be afraid, very afraid. [Read More]

» Erstwhile Liberal Becomes NRA's Newest Member from Chip Owens
I used to get steamed when Hannity and Colmes, O'Reilly, et. al. would have Sharpton and his ilk on their shows. "Why are they giving these creeps national exposure?" Then I realized that everytime a Sharpton, Jackson, O'Donnell, Frankin, or S [Read More]

» from (v.2)
IOWAHAWK offers an amusing take on gun control efforts.... [Read More]

» Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? from The New Editor
Iowahawk at his best. [Read More]

» 2007.04.28 Second Amendment Roundup from Bill's Bites
See previous: When they pry it from my cold dead hands ...In Spite of the Virginia Tech Massacre? Or Because of It?Clayton Cramer (H/T: Michelle Malkin) The Kansas legislature overrode Governor Sibelius's veto:TOPEKA - Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' veto of a [Read More]

» Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? from Pajamas Media
Iowahawk found the first draft of Dan Simpson's "gun control public policy masterpiece."... [Read More]

» Were Not Worthy! from damnum absque injuria
Iowahawk does the impossible, and provides a brilliant parody of the unparodiable. ... [Read More]

» Linkage Minus Thinkage Part 3,986 from Publicola
Still swamped. Med Valley High's Grand Rounds (basically a carnival of med blogs) has a few posts dealing with the Virginia Tech Massacre. (On a semi-related note there's an amusing post called "raodmap for the emergency department". "Cellist Mstislav ... [Read More]

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