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» Iowahawk Online Community Issues Forum Special from Pajamas Media
ANN: Hello, I'm syndicated columnist and best-selling author Ann Coulter. BILL: And I'm Bill Maher, host of HBO's "Real Time." ANN: Today we want to talk to you about an issue that concerns both of us: the deterioration of civility... [Read More]

» Coulter and Maher Shoot It Out from JammieWearingFool
I really detest Bill Maher, but enjoy Ann Coulter, her latest CPAC incident notwithstanding. So who better to bring the two together than Iowahawk, who presents the Iowahawk Online Community Issues Forum Special. [Read More]

» Ann Coulter. Bill Maher. from small dead animals
Iowahawk. (Warning: vicious language -- in keeping with the situation.)... [Read More]

» Lets Tone It Down, People from
Courtesy of Iowahawk (Hat Tip: The Jawa Report - Rusty, I am still crying from laughing): Iowahawk Online Community Issues Forum Special by Ann Coulter and Bill Maher ANN: Hello, Im syndicated columnist and best-selling author Ann Coul... [Read More]

» The Civility Debate from Stubborn Facts
Iowahawk continues to rule the roost for tongue-in-cheek blog humor...our blog policy regarding obscenity and profanity, combined with an acute ongoing shortage of asterisks, prevents actually quoting the material referenced here. [Read More]

» Of "innovative population control methods" from The Original Musings
and "mincing San Francisco fudgepackers" I'm not sure which I find more amusing. One thing, though, I do believe "innovative population control methods" is the most PC you can possibly get for 'abortion.' While the rest of the world goes... [Read More]

» Pederastic Felching Dumpster Diving from Gulf Coast Pundit
Lets Tone It Down, People ANN AND BILL: A spleen is a terrible thing to waste. Iowahawk strikes again! ... [Read More]

» Bill Maher Proves Bad Taste Is Universal from The Gun Toting Liberal ™
It is regretable that I was not aware of this story before I wrote the piece on Ann Coulter. With a H/T to THE DRUDGE REPORT I came across this article on NEWS BUSTERS. Now The Drudge Report and News Busters are on the opposite side of the political... [Read More]

» Try A Little Tenderness from Ed
From Iowahawk and two of his biggest celebrity boosters from opposite sides of the aisle, a timely bipartisan call for civility in American politics...... [Read More]

» Bill's Nibbles // Open Post -- 2007.03.08 from Bill's Bites
Just read 'em. Maybe I'll find time to do more with 'em later. (And some things that are too short to excerpt and too good to not mention.) Please feel free to use this post for comments and trackbacks not [Read More]

» Bill's Nibbles // Open Post -- 2007.03.08 from Old War Dogs
Some Bill's Bites posts, some things I excerpted and linked but I'm sending you to the original post. I may rearrange the order of the items within this post as I add new things that I think belong above the [Read More]

» Celebrating Civility in American Politics from The New Editor
Iowahawk has the scoop. [Read More]

» A cunning exercise in liberation linguistics? from Classical Values
It isn't offensive to gays. It has nothing to do with gays. It's a schoolyard taunt, meaning wuss. -- Ann Coulter, on the correct usage of the word "faggot" On the Hannity and Colmes show recently, Ann Coulter maintained repeatedly... [Read More]

» Coulter Round-up from The American Mind
Let me round a few links and stories about Ann Coulter and her vicious mouth. On Tuesday Howard Kurtz ran a story on the outcry over Coulters use of a gay slur writing: But after some Democrats and liberal bloggers slammed the professional provo... [Read More]

» The Coulter-Maher Civility Forum from Little Miss Attila
Show sponsor Iowahawk has the transcript: ANN: . . . It's time that we begin the process of healing by restoring civility and decorum to our national dialog. That's why I am asking my fans to take a deep breath,... [Read More]

» Friday Linkzookery - 09 Mar 2007 from Murdoc Online
Warship Woes Part 2 More on the state of the fleets by New Wars blogger Mike Burleson. BB(X) Advanced Battleship They'll get started on this right away. New Tech to Tap North America's Vast Oil Reserves Murdoc remains an oil sands/shale fan. Surge slow... [Read More]

» Finally, a bipartisan call for civility from discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus
Finally, a bipartisan call for civility [Read More]

» Al Gore's Inconvenient Fiction: $250 Billion Scam? from Doug Ross @ Journal
Wanton profiteering appears to be at the very heart of "carbon offsets." Put simply, a wide range of respected scientists, environmentalists, researchers, agriculturalists, and activists believe that carbon offsets are a "scam", "fantasy", "fiction",... [Read More]

» Iowahawk Says It Better from Winds of Change.NET
Armed Liberal is jealous of Iowahawk... [Read More]

» Vicious Snarkasm from Villainous Company
We feel obligated to denounce this, if for no other reason than the lovely photo of the cringe-inducing Bill Maher. Via Mark... [Read More]

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