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» My Fair Blogger from Ed
Be forewarned, those of the fairer sex and those with weaker constitutions--there is much foul language awaiting you; but much mirth to be had in the end. Onward, to the show! (Background here and here if you're coming in cold... [Read More]

» Iowahawk: My Fair Blogger from discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus
Iowahawk: My Fair Blogger [Read More]

» My Fair Blogger! Brought to us by Iowahawk from Assertive Disarmament
As a complete Iowahawk groupie (seriously, if he had a stage, my panties would be on it) it's something akin to absolute nirvana that he has written a stage performance clearly destined Broadway. The play highlights Ms. Amanda beep sucking [Read More]

» My Fair Blogger: from Pajamas Media
A new musical from Iowahawk "based on "Fascist Pigmalian" by the Reality-Based Community Dinner Theater". Not for the faint-hearted, or humorless.... [Read More]

» Iowahawk: My Fair Blogger from Blog-o-Fascists
Little Green Footballs Its Pygmalion! Updated for the edgy new progressive wave thats sweeping through the DNC like a tsunami of four-letter words: [Read More]

» My Fair Blogger from Stubborn Facts
My insistence on adhering to our stated standards of linguistic decorum prevent me from continuing, due to an acute shortage of asterisks, but you can read the whole thing HERE. Iowahawk ROCKS. [Read More]

» Wouldn't it be fuckerly from Absolute Moral Authority
This is without a doubt the most beautiful thing ever written within the last two months. Ever. [Read More]

» I can't resist linking these... from LilacRose
...even though I was trying to stay away from this subject (on my own blog, anyway) and even though two... [Read More]

» My Fair Blogger: from Pajamas Media
Tourette's Syndrome meets campaign blogging and proves very unsafe for work or anywhere else. Edwards: "I am prepared to wager my indoor squash court that I can train her to be a proper presidential campaign representative." (Iowahawk)... [Read More]

» Marcottegate: The Musical from Bill's Bites
Iowahawk at his best. STRONG content warning (language, but nothing you can't find on the top lefty blogs) Potty tip: Patterico [Read More]

» POLITICS: Iowahawk is a Genius from Baseball Crank
Pure genius, for those of you who have followed the flap over the Edwards campaign bloggers.... [Read More]

» My Fair Blogger from
Doesnt get any worse than this - oh my effing lord Heh, heh, heh To see her picture - you will have to visit Iowahawk Its dinner time here and well, what can I say Courtesy of Iowahawk: Book by Iowa... [Read More]

» Amanda not gone from BatesLine
I don't really have time to blog tonight, but I should at least follow up on this story. A day after Salon reported the campaign of presidential candidate John Edwards had fired the two far-left bloggers he had hired to run his website's blog, Edwards ... [Read More]

» Iowahawk's My Fair Blogger, starring Amanda Marcot from Huperborea
My Fair Blogger LOL. (via Patterico) [Read More]

» The one who reeks of cat urine? Ghastly! What of her? from Waking the Giant
Read this and you will laugh until you pee. I promise.... [Read More]

» My Fair Blogger from
My Fair Blogger [Read More]

» Putting The 'Pig' Into Pygmalion from the blog quebecois
I've grown accustomed to her hate. She almost makes the stomach spin. I've grown accustomed to her posts too nuts for Daily Kos. That's about the only thing I can quote from Iowahawk's hilarious take on the John Edwards/Amanda Marcotte... [Read More]

» My Fair Lady from Ace of Spades HQ
An updated classic by Iowahawk. SENATOR JOHN EDWARDS I tell you why there are two Americas, my dear Dr. Dean. Man is a product of his environment. HOWARD DEAN Balderdash! "So bententh the tree," say I. Take the insane Bush... [Read More]

» The Last Word on Amanda. from Little Miss Attila
Hey! What has that Iowahawk guy got against foul-mouthed chicks, anyway? Patriarchal fucker.... [Read More]

» Instant classic from Physics Geek
But then it's Iowahawk, so it's not entirely unexpected.... [Read More]

» Iowahawk Brings It To Amanda Marcotte -- Big Time! from "Okie" on the Lam
My gosh -- it's profane and profound! I'm writing about Iowahawk's musical "My Fair Blogger" a parody of "My Fair Lady" based on "Fascist Pigmalian" by the Reality-Based Community Dinner Theater. Rex Harrison and Audry Hepburn it's definitely not -- fu... [Read More]

» Amanda Marcotte resigns from Edwards' campaign from Huperborea
Amanda Marcotte's Announcement [Read More]

» The Edwards Blogger - The Saga Ends from Dean Barnett
Those of us who were familiar with Amanda Marcotte’s oeuvre were stunned when the Edwards campaign hired her. The angry atheist cum feminist routine isn’t just a shtick for her. If you kno\ew her work, you knew that she was a chronically furious and...... [Read More]

» Furtive Glances - "BU's Trophy" Edition from Joust The Facts
You might as well call it the Boston University City Championship Trophy, because BU wins the Beanpot, hockey bragging rights for Boston seemingly every year. They did so again last night, making it 11 of the last 13 years, and [Read More]

» My Fair Blogger from Transterrestrial Musings
Iowahawk has penned a new musical. A comedy, natch, but not one for the kids. [Evening update] The 'Hawk just... [Read More]

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