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» Iowahawk Presents the MSM View of Bloggers from The Colossus
Good stuff. The blogs are not as significant as their self-endeared, preening, narcissist curators would like to think. Real journalism requires journalists, who are at least fitfully confronting the digital age -- it takes hardbitten, cynical J-school... [Read More]

» "For Good Heh, Read The Whole Thing" from JunkYardBlog
My coffee is cold, because I was afraid to take a sip of it as I read through Iowahawk's "first draft" of that Joseph Rago piece on why bloggers are imbeciles and blog readers are morons. Galley Slaves blogger (and... [Read More]

» Down with blogs from
Read The Blog Mob, by Joseph Rago, at, published yesterday. Then read Blogs Make Me Puke, by, er, Joseph Rago, published today by Iowahawk It just doesnt get any better than this. (What exactly ... [Read More]

» "Blog me now, blog me hard!" from Exile in Portales
I quoted this paragraph, which, by the way, may not be The Mother of All Run-On Sentences, but is certainly the Great Aunt: Every conceivable belief is on the scene, but the collective prose, by and large, is homogeneous: A tone of careless informal... [Read More]

» Heh from Bill's Bites

» iowahawk Finds Joe Ragos First Draft from Patterico's Pontifications
Yeah, Joe Ragos anti-blog outburst was silly, pretentious, and unoriginal. But the first draft was worse. iowahawk has it, in a post titled Blogs Make Me Puke. Heres a taste: The bloggers, for their part, produce minimal reportage. Ins... [Read More]

» Blogs Make Me Puke from The Amboy Times
Iowahawk satires Opinion Journal's The Blog Mob Blogs Make Me Puke [ed note: found in an empty ink barrel in an alley behind Dow Jones: first draft of Joseph Rago's turgid indictment against the blogosphere] Imbeciles eating poo flung by [Read More]

» "Blogs Make Me Puke:" from Pajamas Media
Iowahawk has found the first draft of Joseph Rago's indictment against the blogosphere in an empty ink barrel in an alley behind Dow Jones.... [Read More]

» This REALLY Makes Joseph Ragos Column a Period Piece from BizzyBlog
From Joseph Ragos column at about 9:30 this morning ET: At 10 AM (per Chris Muir), added what Ill call the Day by Day edit: I guess the editorial screening for originality, ex... [Read More]

» Just in time! A Christmas stocking stuffer from Classical Values
Listening to the G. Gordon Liddy Show, I just heard Pajamas Media's Richard Miniter make a major news announcement revealing what Sandy Berger was doing and for which Miniter thinks "he ought to go to jail for a long time."... [Read More]

» Blogs Make Me Puke from
Courtesy of Iowahawk: [ed note: found in an empty ink barrel in an alley behind Dow Jones: first draft of Joseph Ragos turgid indictment against the blogosphere] Imbeciles eating poo flung by uncredentialed monkeys. BY JOSEPH R... [Read More]

» Iowahawk from Little Miss Attila
. . . channels Joseph Rago in a "rough draft" of the latter's diatribe against the blogosphere for the Wall Street Journal. It is, as always, magnificent.... [Read More]

» Rago, Unplugged from Hugh Hewitt
Last week Joseph Rago, an assistant editorial features editor at The Wall Street Journal, wrote "The Blog Mob: 'Written by fools to be read by imbeciles.'" It was not well received by Dean or Ace, though it gave IowaHawk something to work... [Read More]

» Joseph Rago On Hugh Hewitt Today from Flopping Aces
Hugh Hewitt had on Joseph Rago today, author of The Blog Mob - Written by fools to be read by imbeciles, for a good 50 minute interview and in good old fashioned Hugh Hewitt fashion he made Joe look like... [Read More]

» How The Hell Did I Miss This? from Fmragtops Spews
Alright, these two links Im about to pimp, are some heavy reading, but get a sammich, a pint, and a smoke because it is full of teh funny! ... [Read More]

» Blogs: Tamagotchis or parasites? from Kasi-Blog
A friend of mine - Der Rüdnitzer - recently offered the idea that Blogs are Tamagotchis - they breed, chat and sleep. And they need feeding. Obviously the idea was fruitful: already a large number of other bloggers have subscribed to this idea, for in... [Read More]

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