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» That'll Leave A Mark from Ed
Well, actually, probably not, because the New York Times' Bill Keller is too cocooned to notice. But this post by Glenn Reynolds eviscerates both Keller's moronic defense of the Times' exposure of classified wartime programs...Some of the incoming mail... [Read More]

» The Banking Report: Let Me Make It Simple For You Morons from Small Town Veteran
The Banking Report: Let Me Make It Simple For You [Read More]

» A Roundup: the NYT and National Security from Pajamas Media
Michael Barone, Hugh Hewitt, Andrew McCarthy and President Bush think the New York Times' leaks are endangering national security. Glenn Reynolds emphasizes it is the freedom to use the press, not a special grant of privilege that is bestowed by... [Read More]

» Open Letter from Sun Comprehending Glass
[Read More]

» The Banking Report: Let Me Make It Simple For You Morons from The New Editor
Iowahawk seems to have found the first draft of the letter New York Times executive editor Bill Keller wrote in response to criticism of the Times' decision to publish classified information. [Read More]

» Well, That Explains It from Transterrestrial Musings
If only he'd released this version. Iowahawk has a rough draft of Bill Keller's letter explaining his publishing decision: It's... [Read More]

» Rounding Up the Usual Suspects from Chris At Home
Iran, Iraq, the NYT, the Left, I've got 'em all.The Supreme court backs Freedom of Speech, and thank God f... [Read More]

» Links to Terror from The Blorg
Its the easiest thing to title, yet hardest to get up and do every day. Links to the war on terror. This morning, first the funny: • JunkYardBlog: NY Times: U.S. Soldier spying on bin Laden • iowahawk: The Banking Report: Let Me Make It Simp... [Read More]

» Bill Keller Apology: First Draft from The Sundries Shack
Heres the letter to all of us that Bill Keller, I think, might have wanted to write. Especially this part: Its an unusual and powerful thing, this freedom that our founders gave to the press. Who are the editors of The New York Times ... [Read More]

» Bill Keller: The First Draft from Decision '08
You see? I TOLD you he was arrogant: With my hectic schedule of Pulitzer committees and Columbia Journalism School symposia, I dont always have time to answer my mail as fully as etiquette demands. Lord knows Ill be in the Audi headed to ... [Read More]

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