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» Zarkman's Dispatch From Beyond from Mazurland Blog
Yesterday I told of my anticipation in awaiting a 'final interview' with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi at Iowahawk. My dreams have been more than fulfilled. Iowahawk has a report from Zarkman from the great beyond: Paradise Is Overrated. For a side-splitting [Read More]

» al-Zarqawi's New Wheels from the blog quebecois
Undoubtably Photoshopped, but it'd certainly be ideal for tootling around the darker precincts of Hell. Maybe if you ask nice, you can get some of those streamers for the handlebars. Enjoy your stay, bacon boy. Via Attu sees all... [Read More]

» Links to Terror from The Blorg
Why the heck nobody ever thought of this idea, Ill never know. Heres some links to good stuff on the net. lgf: Saudi Cleric Hates World Cup Saudi cleric Nasser bin Sliman Al-Omar explains why watching the World Cup may cause you t... [Read More]

» LMAO funny - Zarqawi blog posts from paradise from johnopedia
Profanity warning!  Iowahawk posts a dispatch by Zarqawi from paradise.  Zarqawis still looking for those virginsI mean raisins.  Whatever. ... [Read More]

» Zarqawi Eliminated from Woody's News
Zarqawi is dead. I've been wanting to type that for a long time. It has a nice ring to it don't you think? Zarqawi is dead. Zarqawi is dead. Zarqawi is dead. Yeah, that's nice... I wanted Zarqawi dead just [Read More]

» Brut: The Smell Of Death from Ed
Iowahawk's most famous guest commentator checks in from beyond.... [Read More]

» The bastard suffered from Super Fun Power Hour
Zarqawi gets his 70 Hell!!! Good news keeps on getting better; Zarqawi alive when found: Insurgent leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi did not die instantly when U.S. warplanes dropped two 500-pound bombs on his safe house north of Baghdad Wedn [Read More]

» "Paradise Is Overrated" from Transterrestrial Musings
In his usual, understated way, Iowahawk has an exclusive--Zarqawi's last dispatch. No more guest commentaries from him. Even better, though,... [Read More]

» Iowahawk: Zarqawi reports that heaven is overrated". from Varifrank
Only one word covers it. Heh... (not work safe, not kid safe,but funny just the same)... [Read More]

» The protein wisdom interview: Abu Musab alZarqawi from protein wisdom
Ahmad Fadheel Nazaal alKhalaylah (Abu Musab alZarqawi is his nom de guerre) was born in Zarqa, Jordan in October 1966. He came from a large family belonging to the transJordanian Bani Hassan tribe, which is known for its... [Read More]

» Paradise Is Overrated from The New Editor
Iowahawk shoots ... he scores! [Read More]

» Mumbles Zarqawis Dispatch from Hell from Plus + Ultra
Mumbles was having a little trouble communicating as he was checking out. He seems to have found his voice again:thanks Iowahawk ... [Read More]

» Zarqawi Interview from
Goldstein interviews the Z-man, but he doesn't open up quite as much as he does for Iowahawk.... [Read More]

» He's Gone? from Joust The Facts
Abu Musab al Zarqawi will not be down for breakfast. I'm going to miss his blogging over at Iowahawk. I suspect he'll be resurrected for at least one last post that ends with both a bang and a whimper, though.BAGHDAD, [Read More]

» Friday Humor from Brian Leiter, Academic Thug
See here. [Read More]

» Zarqawi In Paradise from Blue Crab Boulevard
Ladies and gentlemen, the magnificent Iowahawk. ... [Read More]

» On the importance of that high school diploma! from Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys..
See kiddies? This is why it's important to finish high school: Ahmad al-Khalailah’s childhood was characterised by fighting constantly with other boys and he left school at about 16 without obtaining a certificate of secondary education. There followed... [Read More]

» Daily Gaaz-o-Leen! Award from Schmaltz und Grieben mit Alois, Klaus und der Lugers
Schmaltz und Grieben mit Alois, Klaus und der LugersThe Cool Kids: Muldia Lileks Rantblog Berg Insomnomaniac Zee Malkin Footballs Frank J. Bad Eagle Kinsley Whittle Muir Dr. DNA Belmont Geras Barber Arieff Totten Northern Alliance Lies Fee Anti-CAIR An... [Read More]

» A Prediction: Here Come the Polls from Mein Blogovault
Iowahawk has the final exclusive Zarqawi interview here. Jeff Goldstein also managed to get some interview time with Zarqman's body lying in state. [Read More]

» Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Reports From The Other Side from Skinner Sphere
Taking advantage of his close ties, Iowahawk has the first report from Paradise from the Z-Man. Appears it's not everything he thought it would be. Hopefully the initiation period won't last long. [Read More]

» Welcome Home from A Blog For All
Zarqawi is now dead and we're learning that he managed to survive the airstrikes only long enough to die as he was being carted off by Iraqi and US forces, and for those who think that he's going to a better place ought to recall where another bunch ... [Read More]

» Iowahawk Delivers, One Last Time from Daily Pundit
Go read: Gotta go soon, I guess I'm scheduled for some more beheadings after lunch. Just between us, I'd have to say that so far Paradise has overrated. Don't get me wrong, Allahu Akbar, blah blah blah. But if this... [Read More]

» Abu Musab al Zarqawi Is Still Dead Today Too from Small Town Veteran
... and the low-life son of a bitch had time to suffer and realize it was over. Good. I hope he enjoyed it. (Continued from this post.) *** You do not want to miss the latest from Hot Air Films. [Read More]

» Paradise Sucks from Delftsman
Ever wondered what Paradise was really like for those Jihadis that consider martyrdom the highest path to that end goal? Seems that The Z-man got a cross-plane pass at the Paradise Internet Cafe and sent some of his first impressions... [Read More]

» (Still Dead) Zarqawi letter discovered! from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
HERE! Go read! ... [Read More]

» Recycling old story from Of Arms and the Law
Al-Zarqawi winds up before the Pearly Gates, and the recording angel says "Well, you died a martyr's death, my friend. Let me take you to the promised reward." They go inside the gates, and George Washington pounces and gets the... [Read More]

» Democrats Call Zarqawi Killing A Stunt from Stop The ACLU
No respect from the far left. Not that we expected any. Via Washington Times Some Democrats, breaking ranks from their leadership, today said the death of terrorist leader Abu Musab Zarqawi in Iraq was a stunt to divert attention from an unpopular ... [Read More]

» Theres Nothing New Under The Ground from Whither The Fool?
Very clever, Protein Wisdom. However, its been done before (1973 National Lampoon, to be exact). ... [Read More]

» Zarqawi Post-2x500 Interviews from Chris At Home
Jeff interviews Zarqawi. Bonus Jeff:Overh... [Read More]

» Zarqawi Interviews from Just Some Poor Schmuck
So the military has been looking all over hell for the Z-man and couldn't find him until yesterday. But no sooner is he toast than Jeff Goldstein and iowahawk both get interviews with him. Go figure.... [Read More]

» Zarqawi, Just before and after that bomb! from The Violence Worker!
First, go over to and read the final minutes of Zarqawi and his band of buds. Hat tip: Jenn at Just Say No To P.C.B.S Then go see the Iowahawk and read Zarqawi's first impressions of paradise. WARNING: STRONG [Read More]

» Week-End Links from Right Wing News
RWN returns on Monday. Until then, consider this an open thread, enjoy the links below, and have a great week-end!... [Read More]

» Zarkman at Iowahawk from Little Miss Attila
He's finding Paradise "overrated." I figured I'd be caught in the next round of downsizing, so I started keeping myself prepared. For example, I shaved my junk every morning this week. Okay, I know what you're thinking: what the fizzuck?... [Read More]

» Two Zarqawi Scoops from Pajamas Media
Jeff Goldstein: "The Protein Wisdom Interview -- Abu Musab al-Zarqawi." And Iowahawk has the man himself guestblogging: "Paradise Is Overrated."... [Read More]

» BOOM! BOOM! OUT GO THE LIGHTS! from Chaotic Synaptic Activity
Note: Our wounded service members need some helpsee details on Valour-IT funding laptops with voice recognition software here. Thanks for your considertaion of this great project! Official CENTCOM video here I nominate this movie as the... [Read More]

» Paradise Blows from insomnomaniac
My friend Peter sent this little missive from "Zarkman" in the hell-after. I laughed so hard OJ came out my nose. Maybe you will too.... [Read More]

» Live, after death from Resurgemus dot com
[Read More]

» Paradise blows from Darleen's Place
and other pithy observations from the still-dead Zarkman hizself. Holmes, DRINK WARNING!Now, back in the madrassa when we studied the afterlife, I always wondered what would be the last thing to go through my head. I'm pretty sure now it... [Read More]

» Abu Masub al-Zarqawi: Paradise Blows from blackflag
Abu Masub al-Zarqawi is guest posting over at Iowahawks blog and giving up all the gory details on the whole 72 virgins thing. Okay, Thursday morning. I clock in at the office, pour a mug of tea, fire up the laptop and check out the latest ... [Read More]

» What's this celestial Disneyland like anyways? from Ace of Spades HQ
So yesterday, Abu "Sand Fertilizer" Zarqawi was guest bloggin' at Iowahawk, and I must say the opening paragraph piqued this commentator's curiosity. Howzit swingin', fagsicles? Yeah, I know all you bitzoches all seen the pictures by now. Go on and... [Read More]

» NYC Letter: Message From Beyond from E-nough!
Yesterday afternoon we hotwired a Ouija board to the Internet and received this urgent communiqué: WOOOOOOOO-weee! Is it hot! Hello, folks, Abu here. The Z-man. Well, it's official. I'm dead and gone. You can catch the action on the Al... [Read More]

» AND one of the biggest scumbags on the face of the planet just bought the farm. from Bile, Snark, and Sneer
This just in- AL-ZARQAWI killed in an air raid. Right now he's discovering he won't be banging 72 virgins in the afterlife- not just because you couldn't find that many Muslim virgins, but because when you're in HELL you're a [Read More]

» Post Zarqawi from Don Singleton
The rabid left may be focusing on whether Zarqawi was really killed a long time ago, and just brought out to raise Bush's poll ratings, counter the Yearly Kos Convention, or any of a number of other wild claims, but right wing bloggers have been much... [Read More]

» Al-Zarqawi: Paradise Is Overrated from
Al-Zarqawi: Paradise Is Overrated [Read More]

» Paradise Is Overrated from BIGJIM.ORG
iowahawk: Paradise Is Overrated, guest commentary by Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. (Got this from Harry) ... [Read More]

» Weekend WoundUp from Pajamas Media
While you were out, Pajamas never sleeps. Here's some of what we saw in the Sphere over the weekend.Comic genius Greg Gutfeld notes that Zarqawi was murdered by insensitive, homophobic and probably meat-eating U.S. warplanes. Saturday Night @ A short... [Read More]

» Sorry, but we didn't beat him to death from Public Secrets: from the files of the Irishspy
Ever since the raid that killed the psychopathic Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, there's been a "rumor that must be true" floating around the fever swamps of the Left that he was captured alive and then tortured and executed by American forces. [Read More]

» Must Read: Al-Zarqawi \"Guest\" Commentary on iowahawk from The World\'s Largest Index of Military Blogs
One of the reasons I love bloggers so much is because of their unique sense of humor. This story about Al-Zarqawi below is about as funny as it’s humanly possible to be without dressing Al-Zarqawi in a schoolgirl outfit and forcing him to watch Americ [Read More]

» "punch my E-ticket for Magic Ho Mountain" from Op For
If you're a fan of Herbert Kornfeld's particular style, you MUST go look at this on Iowahawk. (HT to Kim Du Toit.) Warning, it's damn funny but it's not socially acceptable. Maj P... [Read More]

» Zarqawi Finally Making A Difference from Hard Starboard
Despite the defeatism clung to blindly and maniacally by Donks like Jane Harman, the snuffing of the "Emir of Mesopotamia" is, indeed, a crucial and far-ranging victory in the GWOT: The death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi could mark a turning point for ... [Read More]

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