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» Operation Mag-Neato from The Blorg
Saw this at Iowahawk: Dateline Iraq: the Legion of Dumb gets results! Here are a few dusty pix from Senior Legionnaire and US Army stalwart Darren Doc Lee, showing his mighty Legion of Dumb-Vee adorned with a glorious rainbow of refriger... [Read More]

» Operation Mag-Neato from Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud
Its simple, just do what the Sargeant says: Mail any and all refrigerator magnets (the tackier the better,naturally) to me, Sargeant Lee at: Sgt. Darren Lee TPT 1634 1-33 CAV 3rd BCT 101 ABN DIV APO AE 09390 Heres the one I sent (Iraq is ... [Read More]

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