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» Jesse Macbeth video goes viral (bumped) from Hot Air
Fake but inaccurate! Update: Blackfive reports a backlash of the sweetest kind. Update: The Army says it has no record of a Jesse Macbeth having served in Special Forces or Rangers. Update: Sigh. Radio host Jay Severin cites Macbe... [Read More]

» Jessie Speaks from MilBlogs
Courtesy Allah, a new statement from Jessie "Micah" MacBeth. s a decorated combat veteran of Bush's Iraq misadventure, I am all too familiar with the saying "the first casualty of war is truth." Because this administration sold us a war... [Read More]

» Jesse Speaks! from Op For
Good gawdI love Iowahawk.... [Read More]

» My Ranger school class. from The Unabrewer
[Read More]

» Iowahawk Interviews Jesse Macbeth from Chris At Home remember, the pseudo-Ranger. Spicy, like a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich. [Read More]

» from Small Town Veteran
... "And, oh, did I mention I'm running for the Senate?" [Read More]

» Baghdad Booty Call from Ed
Jesse Macbeth, in-between scoring a shoebox full of Purple Hearts in Iraq and his first PBS and Playboy Channel specials (with a stopover behind the counter at the Tacoma Wendy's), is guest blogging at Iowahawk to reveal "The disturbing face... [Read More]

» The Disturbing Face Of American Empire from Blue Crab Boulevard
Iowahawk has the real MacBeth. No, not the one that English guy wrote about a long, long time ago when people dressed weird. And talked funny. No, he has the real truth, the gestalt as it were. And a very, very disturbing picture, too. ... [Read More]

» Did You Hear The One About The Fake Army Ranger? from Six Meat Buffet
The rabid anti-war crowd so craves a Mai Lai Massacre that they’re willing to invent one. [Read More]

» Jesse MacBeth military photo found - MUST CREDIT MVRWC!!! from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
(bumped up - newer posts below for now) First, this, which everyone probably knows about already: Today, the Army ran a check on Mr. MacBeth’s credentials. It turns out, not surprisingly to anybody with half a mind, that Mr. MacBeth has NO Army serv... [Read More]

» The Real Jesse MacBeth Story from Ace of Spades HQ
The unvarnished truth, straight from the horse's ass.... [Read More]

» THE NEW WINTER SOLDIER from Michelle Malkin
John Kerry + Jesse MacBeth = (Photoshop credit: Hot Air affiliate Sanctuary) Vent spotlights the lies of Jesse MacBeth. My syndicated column today covers blogs vs. anti-war frauds. Iowahawk brings the funny.... [Read More]

» Jesse MacBeth Responds from Dean's World
The supposedly fake anti-war vet answers his critics. As it turns ou... [Read More]

» The Macbeth Myth from Super Fun Power Hour
Jesse's uniform of the day In the 2 days it has taken for fake war-criminal, Jessie (Jesse) Macbeth to become a living urban legend some of the folks on the "anti-war" left have gone through great pains to say they always knew he was a fraud and to [Read More]

» Iowahawk posts a defense from Jesse MacBeth from DPGI v.2
iowahawk: Stop the Lies ... [Read More]

» Iowahawk, Stop The Lies! from Whither The Fool?
This article purports to be a guest column by vaunted anti-war zealot Jessie Macbeth, but there is something egregiously wrong here! Macbeth is represented as being a Breakfast Shift Associate at Wendys restaurant. On... [Read More]

» The Ballad of the Wrong Beret from Presto Agitato
Iowahawk has secured the memoirs of decorated Iraq war veteran, Wendy's burger-flipper, and crypto-DeBarge member Jesse Macbeth:As a decorated combat veteran of Bush's Iraq misadventure, I am all too familiar with the saying the first casualty of war i... [Read More]

» Iowahawk bloody Iowakawk from Disposable Wisdom
I am so glad that there someone sticking up for this Young man a man that has served his country so greatly and banged every chick on the POM squad. This is far beyond truth to Power and is gone on to the area of area 52. Not heard of Area 52? All I ... [Read More]

» Iowahawk Guest Commentary by Jesse Macbeth from discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus
Iowahawk Guest Commentary by Jesse Macbeth [Read More]

» IowaHawk Wins from Marvin's Word
IowaHawk has the best post on faux Ranger MacBeth. [Read More]

» Daily News For May 25, 2006 from Right Wing News
Domestic Vote Coming Up On Sweeping Immigration Bill In The Senate Senate Backs Job Verification for Immigrants (Free New York... [Read More]

» Right Wing Neo-Con Tool, or Funniest Man on Internet? from
They seek him here! They seek him there! Those insurgents seek him everywhere! Its the irrepressible IOWAHAWK, and if you dont think he is screamingly funny, you probably voted for Al Gore and have no sense of humor. But thats OK, ... [Read More]

» The Whole Truth, And Nothing But from Daily Pundit
Over at Iowahawk, Famous American Military Hero "Jesse McBeth" comes clean.... [Read More]

» Jesse MacBeth: On The Job from WuzzaDem
What's the problem...officer? We'll get to that in a minute, sir, but first I have to tell you that I'll be adding a charge of nonpulloveration. Charge of what? You failed to pull over, sir. Who knows what would have [Read More]

» Jesse MAcBeth in his own words. from Stix Blog
This has got to be one of the funniest fake posts that IowaHawk has written to date. maybe he should write Dan Brown's next novel. It makes about the same amount of sense as Jesse Macbeth. As a decorated combat [Read More]

» Jesse MacBeth's Explanation from Mudville Gazette
Because some may have missed it, and even if not it's worth reading again. (Who doesn't need a laugh on a Friday?)... [Read More]

» Natural Born Liar from Pajamas Media
Iowahawk handles Fake-Ranger Jesse Macbeth like a pickled lab animal. It's not pretty, but it is funny. "When I ran out of ammo I used my bayonet to kill some more until the blade broke off, and then I began... [Read More]

» Pajamas Media podcast from Marathon Pundit
Lying is again one of the topics. Phony Iraq war veteran Jesse MacBeth, who couldn't wash the lies out of his hands, was unmasked by the blogosphere. Iowahawk, Mudville Gazette, and Blackfive are credited for their work in exposing this fraud. I'd li... [Read More]

» Newsflash: Left Lies About Iraq from
The left and Iraq Veterans Against The War have been pimping a video of U.S. Army Ranger Jessie MacBeth, in which he says the Rangers were told that the rules of war don't apply in Iraq, and to kill as... [Read More]

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