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» Please To Be Reading Most Serious Letter From Mahmoud from Literal Barrage
Iowahawk has once again cut right to the heart of the matter with his exclusive translation of Irans flaming nutjob puppet dictator president Mahmoud Ahmadinejads letter to President Bush (as well as a bowling night eVite for those world le... [Read More]

» I was right from hubs and spokes
As I noted earlier, Iowahawk has been at work...... [Read More]

» You're invited to bowling/political debate hosted from Cake or Death
I never get invited to the fun stuff... Iowahawk certainly isn't finished. The post is almost as long as Wackypants Mahmoud's real letter, but twice as funny. Go read the rest. [Read More]

» The untold story: Iran declares war on the US from Manny Is Here
For a country hell bent on placating us all that they have no beligerent or nuke intentions, the aforementioned points make their affirmations of peace hard to believe. So, how can we deal with Iran? [Read More]

» Sunday in My Pajamas from Pajamas Media
Neo comes out from behind the Apple Godzilla vs. Mothra @ Manolo's. The Anchoress has diagnosed "a blood-poisoning that could take down the nation." Belmont Club senses "a change in the tone of the blogosphere." Adler @ Volokh gives us... [Read More]

» Right Wing Neo-Con Tool, or Funniest Man on Internet? from
They seek him here! They seek him there! Those insurgents seek him everywhere! Its the irrepressible IOWAHAWK, and if you dont think he is screamingly funny, you probably voted for Al Gore and have no sense of humor. But tha... [Read More]

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