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» Notes on a Genocidal Landscaper from Disposable Wisdom
Iowahawk investigates you decide. A great wrong has been done in Illinois. Only a full investigation by the USDA and the UN commission on Lawncare can uncover the full scope of the madness uncovered in this sensational investigation FROM THE DESK... [Read More]

» The Other Site Of 'Torture' from Joust The Facts
Captain's Quarters' Ed Morrissey notes the presence of prison activity that could be much more easily construed as 'torture', certainly abuse, in Sen. Durbin's own backyard.We'll start taking Durbin seriously when he calls for the National Guard in Ill... [Read More]

Just received this e-mail from Steve Gill: Vice President Dick Cheney appeared this morning on Steve Gill Mornings in Nashville, Tennessee and was asked about Dick Durbin's comparison of U.S. troops at Guantanamo Bay to Nazis. The Vice President noted... [Read More]

» Durbin redux from shayneblog
This is the best thing I've read all day... [Read More]

» Iowahawk On "Dynamic Metaphorist" Senator Dick Durbin from Bogus Gold
Senator Dick Durbin made quite a stir this week for unapologetically adopting a metaphor comparing U. S. Troops to Nazis. Iowahawk has discovered some prior correspondence from Senator Durbin indicating this may not be a one time event, but that Durbin... [Read More]

» The Durbin Letters from Just Some Poor Schmuck
Iowahawk finds that Senator Durbin's discovery of the Gestapo-like atmosphere at Guantanamo is only the latest in a long line of abuses that Senator Durbin has discovered iowahawk: From the Desk of Senator Dick... [Read More]

» Goldilocks and the Tortured Bears II from Free Will
Goldilocks and the Tortured Bears IIFollowing up on this post, my goodness it certainly is difficult to get through to Durbin's office. Are a bunch of people calling him, for some reason? Didn't Hitler make a point of ensuring concentration c... [Read More]

» More Dirty Dick Durbin from blancobrawler
Iowahawk got the goods on Senator Durbin.... [Read More]

» More Dirty Dick Durbin from blancobrawler
Iowahawk got the goods on Senator Durbin.... [Read More]

» Reality Check: Limbaugh Nails Gitmo Waco Comparison from The Black Republican
I need add nothing, just read what the great one had to say about the siege tactics of Janet Reno and the so-called torture at Guantanamo. Didn't Janet Reno Use Torture, Heat at Waco? Now, that's a reality check! Addendum:... [Read More]

» Senator Dick from Sierra Faith
Delicious satire from IowaHawk.... [Read More]

» Dick Durbin: Grab Bag from WuzzaDem
Confederate Yankee thinks Durbin's recent comments might be alienating some of the people who "voted" for him. Iowahawk somehow managed to get his mitts on a few pieces of correspondence written by Durbin. [Read More]

» Turbin Durbin owned by Iowahawk from Truth Out Loud
I have a feeling this will soon be a favorite site of mine. Go visit and read all the letters. Mr. Hector Gutierrez Gutierrez Bros. Landscaping Arlington, VA Dear Mr. Gutierrez: Nothing could have prepared me for the shock that... [Read More]

» THE DURBIN DEBACLE from Pejmanesque
Like McQ, I thought it best to ignore the Dick Durbin comparison between American soldiers and Nazis. After all, it is only the latest proof of Godwin's Law and after a while, one really does get tired of pointing to... [Read More]

» From The Desk of Senator Durbin from e u p h o r i c r e a l i t y . n e t
Iowahawk outdid himself - he got copies of Senator Dick "OMG It's TORTURE!" Durbin's personal correspondence - and it appears that Durbin's melodramatic whining isn't found only on the Senate floor. WARNING - Very funny satire ahead. Mr. and Mr... [Read More]

» Friday from Conservative Cat
Iowa Hawk: From the Desk of Senator Dick GOP and the City : Wash Out Caption Contest Satire: Peugot Makes Suicide Cars Wizbang: My Ordeal in New England's Guantanamo Nickie Goomba: Wall Street: GM Headed for Financial Disaster basil's... [Read More]

» Iowahawk Finds Durbin Letters from The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
Iowahawk found more of Dickless Durbin's correspondence. Here's a tiny snippet from one of the letters. ...And when they overstarched my best Brooks Brothers shirtsthere was no one left to speak out toBecause your counter attendant did not speak Englis... [Read More]

» Best of the DustSwarm from bRight & Early
Stupid Statements, no apologies, no apology apologies, no condemnation of the remarks from the left, and hardly a mention in the MSM. That’s the short version of Dick Durbin, future former Senator from Illinois. ... [Read More]

» Friday Blog Round-Up from Iowa Voice
I figured I haven't done a major round-up in a while, so I'd do one today...with a twist. I'm openly inviting bloggers everywhere to do a trackback to this post, and I'll add whatever article they trackbacked with. Fun, huh? John Hawkins at Right Win [Read More]

» Brunch: 6/18/2005 from basil's blog
Try one of these specials with your weekend brunch: Iowahawk returns with a vengance. Kerfuffles looks at Dick Durbin. The Astute Blogger calls on Dick Durbin to resign. Confederate Yankee says Durbin is feeling a backlash. The New Editor looks [Read More]

» Iowahawk Unearths More Turban Lunacy from Les Enfants Terrible
Suffice to say the letters establish a pattern of behavior from Durbin, who knows attrocities when he sees them. [Read More]

» Snerk from Quite Early One Morning
:::titter::: BUWHAHAHAHA! From the Desk of Senator Dick An ongoing series featuring the correspondence of Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL), America's... [Read More]

» LUNACRATS from Beautiful Atrocities

» Durbin Gets Head Stuck in Barrel of Political Bazooka, Squeezes Trigger! from The Right Place
Senator Dick Durbin (Moonbat-IL), is still trying to find the door out of the lower level of the two-story outhouse where he ingeniously imprisoned himself Tuesday night on the floor of the United States Senate! After sticking his foot so far down h... [Read More]

» From the Desk of Senator Dick Durbin from
From the Desk of Senator Dick Durbin [Read More]

» From the Desk of Senator Dick from Cabal of Doom
Iowahawk has discovered some interesting letters Senator Dick Durbin (Dem - Illinois) has written recently: Customer Relations Department United Airlines Elk Grove Village, IL Dear Sir or Madam: In the dark annals of human evil, history has recorded th... [Read More]

» Richard Durbin from Little Miss Attila
. . . lands in Iowahawk's crosshairs, with hilarious results.... [Read More]

» Two Priceless Senator Durbin links from Grendel's Dragon
Iowahawk has acquired several fascinating letters from the eminent Senator's desk and posted them here. [Read More]

» Sort of a Throw A Way Line of Thought from Elective Application
In fact, was it not common knowledge that Iowahawk is a satire writer, there is no reason to believe one set of memos over the other. The mainstream media has been a joke for some time, but the standard of evidence they have employed in this case is ... [Read More]

» Iowahawk is back. from What Attitude Problem?
And Sen. Dick Durbin must pay the price, metaphorically speaking:Nothing could have prepared me for the shock that awaited as I exited the front door of my home early Wednesday morning, where I discovered that your lawn crew had cut [Read More]

» Iowahawk finds some Durbin memoranda from A Healthy Alternative to Work
Ok, I'm about to go watch the latest episode of Family Guy, but Dad said I should check out Iowahawk's latest on the good Sen. Dick Durbin. It seems our pipe-smoking midwesterner has found some additional hyperbole from the bombastic politician. Check ... [Read More]

» A Tragic Loss Of Perspective from Literal Barrage
Let's get this out of the way: Dick Durbin is an absolute disgrace to the state of Illinois, the U.S. Senate and the entire nation for his reprehensible comments comparing our men and women in uniform to the Nazis, the Soviets and the Khmer Rouge... [Read More]

» Cough Cough Hack Wheeze Cough from Machine Overlords - Home of the Neo-Pizza
It's June, which means it's time for me to get sick. I've been fighting this frikkin' cold for a week now, and the damned thing won't let up. I was finally starting to feel better Friday when I started to [Read More]

» Iowahawk Releases "The Drubin Letters" from The Colossus
Seems like Senator Durbin's complaints aren't limited to the U.S. military . . .... [Read More]

» Iowahawk Releases "The Drubin Letters" from The Colossus
Seems like Senator Durbin's complaints aren't limited to the U.S. military . . . Hat tip to Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities.... [Read More]

» Rip & Read #123 - 2005-06-20 from Rip & Read Blogger Podcast
Here's what I Ripped and Read today in my Podcast: Powerline Blog also notes that Iowahawk is back with more moral equivalence than one man should be able to assemble: IowaHawk has been out of the parody business for a while. Based on what ... [Read More]

» Metaphor Alert from Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com
Who better to poke fun at Terrorism’s favorite Senator, than the always satirical, always entertaining IowaHawk. ... [Read More]

» Turbin Durbin Roundup from The Conservative Man
Here is a roundup from the past few days on the traitor senator from Illinois. Bird of Paradise was on vacation for a few days, but has much to say on his return: Belated Thoughts On Senator Dick Durbin He makes an interesting point regarding ... [Read More]

» Links! from IMAO
D'oh! I knew there was something I forgot to link. It was Harvey's blogiversary the other day. While I'm at... [Read More]

» Fake but accurately exaggerated from Knowledge Is Power:
Mr. Hector Gutierrez Gutierrez Bros. Landscaping Arlington, VA Dear Mr. Gutierrez: Nothing could have prepared me for the shock that awaited as I exited the front door of my home early Wednesday morning, where I discovered that your lawn crew had cut ... [Read More]

» The Real Story on The Durbin from The Hedgehog Blog
Senator Durbin's desperate attempts to slither out of trouble have prompted some hilarious satire by bloggers far more talented than I am. Doug TenNapel gives the good senator's bloviations a, well, literary context of sorts. . . . . Iowhawk, o... [Read More]

» Durbin on a Bad Run from Opinion Times
IowaHawk has found evidence that Dick Durbin is having a bad run in the customer service area. Thankfully, these few samples give us an example of patience and tolerance from one of our Senate leaders. [Read More]

» Dick Durbin's Diaries from Dean's World

Iowahawk has unearthed Senator Durbin's journals, as well as discovered s... [Read More]

» Nazis behind every azalea from Almost Daily
Thats the vision Iowahawk assigns to Senator Dick Durbin in a few hilarious letters From the Desk of Senator Dick. ... [Read More]

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